Youthful Living – A healthy outside starts on the inside!

Youthful Living

It all starts in our gut and digestive system, a healthy outside starts on the inside! A healthy immune system protects your body from infection by fighting off viruses and bacteria in your body, free radicals and protects your skin from the outside world.

Youthful Living Immune Pro + helps to boost your immune system from 6 angles. It has 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving which is an essential nutrient that boosts immunity. Immune Pro + promotes the natural growth of antibodies in the body to help fight off infection and boost immunity with 500 Million CFU probiotics – Lactobacillus.

L-lysine is an essential amino acid that helps treat and prevent cold sores, fever blisters, HSV-1, reduce stress levels and the effect stress has on your immune system. It also contains L-Glutamine, a critical fuel source for Immune cells, including white blood cells and certain intestinal cells.

The mineral Zinc keeps the immune system strong and is often used to battle common cold and flu. Added vitamins and minerals also ensure that your body has all the necessary nutrients necessary in order to stay healthy and fight off common colds, flu or infections.
Youthful Living Vitamin C in general is an essential nutrient and an antioxidant that supports overall immunity and cell functioning. It includes key minerals such as: Vit C (Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg, Zinc 10mg, and Rosehip 40mg.

“One of my favourite benefits of supporting our immunities, is that it fights off free radicals, prevents colds, flu symptoms and viral infections,” says Balin Steenkamp, Regional Manager of Youthful Living Western Cape.