Visit The Spier Mosaic Kraal: SA’s First Outdoor Mosaic Exhibition

outdoor exhibition of mosaic

Spier is now home to the country’s first permanent outdoor exhibition of mosaic. Situated between the Wine Collection Point and the Tasting Room, the Spier Mosaic Kraal features the works of 16 contemporary South African artists.

The Kraal brings together two art initiatives that Spier supports: the Creative Block project (which supports both established and emerging artists through purchasing work that it sells to collectors) and the Spier.

Arts Academy (which offers employment- based training in professional mosaic and ceramics).

Spier9_416 images from the Creative Block project were interpreted as mosaic artworks by the Academy’s apprentices – in close consultation with each artist.

Taking an average of two months to produce, each mosaic artwork wascrafted by one leader and four apprentices – in total, a group of 25. Together the artworks illustrate the variety and vibrancy of mosaic as a medium.

The Spier Mosaic Kraal is a way of demonstrating how proud Spier is to support the Academy and the wonderful work its apprentices and graduates produce.