Torga Optical opens a state-of-the-art store in Somerset Mall

Torga Optical

Torga Optical is proud to open its most modern branch in Somerset Mall.

The branch is operated by Anli de Beer an Optometrist by edification, but a self-taught business woman who have started her first Torga Optical franchise 18 years ago in the then newly built Kolonnade Shopping Centre in Pretoria. Not only did she develop this branch to be one of the top performing branches in the Torga Optical group but the Somerset Mall Store is the 7th store in the Torga Optical group of 120 branches directed and managed by Anli. Anli subscribes strictly to following the Torga Optical Service Formula and is proud to deliver the best optical products produced by the latest technology.

Torga Optical

From humble beginnings in 1984 when Torga Buchanan opened her first Optometric practice in Heilbron in the Freestate, Torga Optical has expanded to 120 stores throughout South Africa as well as internationally to include stores in Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland as well as Australia.

Torga offers not only caring professional services but a unique vertically integrated business model – the only one of its kind in South Africa with a “no middle man” policy. This efficient model enables Torga Optical to offer unique products, industry best guarantees and value for money.

Torga designs and manufactures all of its fashion frames with a “fast fashion” approach similar to leading retail fashion brand such as H&M and Zara. Attention is given to utilizing the latest European materials and colour trends with an emphasis upon enabling the client to bring out her / his own individuality throughout their Visual Day.

Torga Optical

This philosophy has become the foundation for the “Its Torga” eyewear.

“The European fashion markets set the trends in the eyewear industry and the materials used in the manufacturing process of frames” explains Ms de Beer. “Our design team spend considerable time abroad assessing fashion trends and the latest materials.”
“We really want to make women look and feel their best in their eyewear. These days women and men need more than just one pair of glasses to compliment and enhance their style and image and particularly to have comfortable vision with so much time being spent looking at computer screens and other digital devices.”

“Optical frames and lenses are as important these days as other lifestyle products, such as shoes where most people have specialised shoes for every activity, from work to leisure activities such as jogging, going to the gym, hiking etc. Torga makes it easy to get the eyewear busy active people really need.”

Ms. De Beer points out that Torga is the only optical chain in South African that operates its own optical lens manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art German Precision technology. What this means is that the very latest precision optical prescription lenses can be manufactured in only a few days and don’t have to be sourced from overseas at higher prices.

The Torga Lens Manufacturing team manufactures state of the art multifocal lenses, special lenses for computer use, night driving and sport such as golf and cycling. Our clients get the eyewear they really need for their Visual Day – eyewear that ensures maximum comfort throughout their Visual Day.


Anli further says the other benefits for Torga Optical customers are:

  • We have service agreements with most of the South African Medical Aids again to give our customers the Torga ‘WOW’ factor.
  • We offer industry best guarantees not only on our frames but also our lenses and have a no hassle customer service approach. Our lenses come standard with state of the art scratch resistant protection to ensure their maximum longevity.
  • We understand the need for multiple pairs of spectacles to suit the lifestyle of our customers and have unique offerings especially for the person who suddenly discover that their arms are too short and they are not yet 45 years old.
  • We specialize in providing preventative care to protect your eyes from Blue light reflected from tablets, smart phones and computer screens. Often people do not understand why their sleep patterns are disturbed due to these devices and it is all about getting the right coatings on your lenses when it comes to reading at night.
    – Our polarised lenses for prescription sunglasses are made for single, bifocal and multifocal spectacles and can be fitted in our frames designed for sunglasses or bring your own frame for an upgrade. Polarised lenses are the only lenses that reduces the problem of squinting in bright light by reducing glare.

The professional service delivery by our team of Optometrists does not just offer an eye test but we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure quality prescriptions and sound eye health care advice as well as advice on general health.
We are focused on friendly customer care and are experienced to give our customers only the best advice and products for their lifestyle needs.


“We have attached our opening specials, see page “10” and we strongly advise you to book now for an appointment on-line or come and visit us to secure this opportunity for you and your family.”

“We are looking forward to welcome you at our new store where you could come and express your individuality by selecting the right frame for YOU!”

“Bring this page to our store and get a free eye test worth R350 as an opening special in October – all because we care for YOU!”

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