The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Winner to run the Barcelona marathon

The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon
Photo: Willem Le Roux - Photo credit: Jetline Action Photo

The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, together with Sanlam and ASICS, are delighted to announce the winner of the 2018 all-expenses paid trip for two to next year’s Barcelona Marathon. The winner is twenty seven year old Capetonian Willem le Roux.

In 2010 Willem took up running and ran his first Comrades in memory of his father. Since then he has completed six standard marathons, three Two Oceans Ultras and five Comrades Marathons. Furthermore, Willem uses running as a vehicle for positive change.

Running for a cause all began, says Willem, when “In 2014, my wife dared my running partner and I to run a marathon in SA Flag swimming trunks. She was joking, but soon realized that we were not. We drew a lot of attention and had such a laugh that we decided to keep running in swimming trunks for a good cause – the Love your Nuts Foundation. The foundation raises awareness of testicular cancer in young men by educating them about early detection.  A few days after this year’s Sanlam Cape Town Marathon a young man saw photos of us on social media. He went to the website, watched the videos, felt a lump, saw his doctor, and got early detection and treatment. Running and making a difference is extremely rewarding, this is why the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon resonates with me at such a deep level.

“Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is one of my favorite races which I highly recommend to any runner. As always, this years’ race did not disappoint. It really is an excellent race and overall great experience.  My wife Lindy will be joining me in Barcelona,” says Willem. It will be her first full marathon. We have always talked about travelling the world and running the different races. When we heard we had won this prize, we realized it was the perfect opportunity to start living that dream,” says Willem.

“This opportunity will give Willem the possibility of experiencing a unique road running experience, and we look forward to supporting him with leading technology performance products and our running services to ensure he ultimately achieves his own personal goals.”

“The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon team is proud to be associated with Sanlam and ASICS in this exciting initiative of making runners dreams a reality. We look forward to following Lindy and Willem’s journey as they tackle Barcelona and make their dreams a reality.”

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