The Classic Car & Bike Show

On 17-18 January 2015, the International Police Association will celebrate the 15th Annual Classic Car & Bike Show at Timour Hall Villa in Plumstead.

Established as a fundraiser, this event is not only one of the highlights of the International Police Association (IPA) calendar, but it has become an institution in the Cape amongst nostalgia fans. With this proud heritage, it is important for the Western Cape Region of IPA to make a difference in the local community.

The Classic Car & Bike Show features some of the rarest and most beautiful cars and bikes in the Cape and is one of only a handful of exhibits on this scale with tremendous growth over the past 14 years, in numbers of both exhibitors and attendees, therefore making it a two day event.

On Saturday 17 January the exhibition will consist of vehicles which can be defined as ‘Modern Classics,’ including Hot Rods, Street Rods, souped up vehicles,racing cars and bikes, custom vehicles and motorcycles and a few new cars and bikes.

On 18 January, the second day of the exhibition vehicles dating from as far back as the late 1890’s, to more recent times will be showcased. These are the classics that invoke an era of elegance, a more relaxed way of life and a time when craftsmanship was an important element of vehicle design and manufacture.

The Classic Car & Bike Show strive to make this event enjoyable to the whole family – young and old with plenty of refreshments available, a number of food stalls and the ever popular, well shaded beer garden.

For more information contact Jo Huysamen on 021 797 2582 or visit