The Boer and Butcher: “Anything fresher on our menus would still be out in Nature”

The Boer and Butcher
Photo: Edu Hanekom

The Boer and Butcher – a fully operational butchery derived from a passion for natural healthy farming methods, a love for the countryside, its people, culture and values.
Edu Hanekom’s love for meat was born in his grandmother’s kitchen on the farm Appelfontein in the Koue Bokkeveld, outside Ceres. After completing his schooling in Paarl, he studied marketing before he left for the UK and Europe.

It is during his time overseas, and with his experience gained on the family farm, he understudied the techniques of meat processing in countries such as Spain and Italy, before returning home to open his first operational butchery in Durbanville in December 2013. The Boer and Butcher

The Boer and Butcher is Edu’s brainchild. His vision is to bring the most natural product to the market at the best possible price and prefers things to be as natural as possible. This means that he predominantly chooses livestock, he personally selects only the best animals directly from the grazing fields, and he steers clear of animals that feed on any substance which contains growth stimulants.

It all started off in a traditional ‘vleiskamer’ (farm style butchery) constructed somewhere in the 1916’s on their livestock farm in Darling. As farmers they wanted to share their passion with friends and families in the city that understood and appreciated the value of old school natural rearing methods.

The Boer and Butcher

It is with great appreciation that Edu looks back to the period of organic growth from their humble beginnings back in July 2009 – with pride The Boer & Butcher can provide quality service through their retail outlets.

With only 500 pounds and 22 ewes, Edu started off his new business. No bank was prepared to support his vision with a loan, and he was left out in the wilderness to find his way in generating cash flow. In his humble way he approached a friend with a supermarket, who purchased his lambs for their in-house butchery. He also sold offal in local settlements to generate cash flow. The Boer and Butcher


In a strange way the name “boer” the Afrikaans for farmer, and butcher took on shape in Edu’s mind, which eventually became the name of the business. The first shop was a 62m² hair salon converted into what became the first The Boer & Butcher outlet, with all livestock supplied mainly by their family farm in Darling. The second shop opened in 2017 at Stellenbosch Square, followed by the third in Boston in 2019. The latest edition to the brand will open in Paarl during December.


The Boer & Butcher is well-known for their top-quality beef and lamb, not to mention their steak burgers, peach boerewors, curried sosaties, aged rump, curried lamb chops, and giant farm chickens – to name just a few. The shelves are also packed with products including their own range of spices, sauces, olive oil, frozen meals and The Boer & Butcher merchandise.

The Boer and Butcher

When sourcing Beef, Edu only target breeds like Hereford, Angus, Bonsmara, Simmentaler and other beef crossbreeds. The beef is produced locally by farmers in and around Durbanville as well as by farmers from Limpopo and Vryburg. When it comes to cattle sent to market directly from the grazing fields, Edu aims to dry age such meat, and beef, finished on maize and grain, therefore, market ready – these cuts are predominantly wet age at their stores.

Edu prefers to stock breeds like Dohne Marino sheep from the Swartland area as well as the Southern Cape, and for the lover of Karoo lamb, these can be obtained on order through them. For the game lover The Boer & Butcher has a selected group of hunters that harvest game in Namibia, and this is mainly where their game meat ranging from Kudu, Eland, Springbok and Gemsbok comes from.

Pork supplied in the butchery are from pigs which range freely in a plum orchard just outside Stellenbosch. This is also where they make their beer. The brewer’s malt that is generated from the brewing process is also fed to the pigs, which adds good flavour to the meat. Free range poultry are fed on grass and mielies and is obtained from the suppliers on the West Coast as well as from the Worcester and Karoo area.

The Boer and Butcher

Butcher’s Barn & Bistro

“At The Boer & Butcher our aim has always been to offer the most natural healthy product straight from the farm. These same values apply when you enjoy a meal at our new Butchers Barn & Bistro. From local fee range eggs & grass-fed butter used in our homemade mayonnaise to hollandaise sauces to freshly baked bread and Croissants, daily.”
“All our meat, including our pie fillings is sourced from our quality approved team of farmers at The Boer & Butcher,” Edu says.

The Butcher’s Barn & Bistro is open for breakfast and lunch. They serve interesting breakfast delights such as a Breakfast Burger; Pulled pork, egg and hash; breakfast nachos and for the love of Chocolate. The lunch menu includes a wide range of mouth-watering meaty dishes including various burger variations, an old school boerie, steak salad sandwich and 500 gram Pork ribs brushed with their famous Smokey BBQ Basting sauce, not to mention the options on the light lunch menu to choose from, as well as the delicious farm style bread and sourdough.

The Boer and Butcher

“As we continue to provide you with home grown produce directly from the farm, we can assure you the best value that money can buy in and around the Cape,” Edu concludes.

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