The Benguela Cove Catalina Semillon has landed!

Benguela Cove

A trajectory of fine wines has paved the way for Benguela Cove to bring in its flagship wine. This long-waited SA 2019 Platters five star achiever and maiden vintage Catalina Semillon 2017 was launched on 5 April with nearly 80% already sold. This vintage also marks the year in which their state of the art wine cellar was completed, celebrating a huge milestone for this Walker Bay estate. Joining the limelight is their new artisan range, Vinography. This consists of a Sauvignon Blanc 2017 and Chardonnay 2017, both having received 4 ½ stars in Platters 2019 with a Petit Verdot that completes the range as a single varietal red. Benguela Cove enthusiasts also have a bunch of new vintage releases to look out for such as the five-way Bordeaux blend, Collage 2017, and an exciting addition of a Malbec 2017 to stock up for winter. Their Lighthouse Collection is now also joined by a Syrah.

“What makes Benguela Cove an exciting wine estate to work with, is its great diversity of soil and slopes and the variety of cultivars planted here. An added bonus is the close proximity to the ocean that ensures a cooling effect with welcoming breezes to keep the vineyards healthy and disease free,” Fourie shared with his captivated audience.

The Catalina Semillon 2017 is made from a 0.9 ha single vineyard and celebrates exceptional quality while honouring the land on which the estate is built. The wine is named after the long-lived flying boat that was on lease to the Royal Air Force and operated from the Bot River lagoon during the Second World War. The Catalina was used for coastal patrols and aerial support of the allied convoys carrying supplies between Europe, Africa and the East. Of the fourteen RAF men stationed at the base, three returned after the war and married South African ladies.

Catalina is the epitome of a wine created to improve with age, hence something to look forward to every year. Only 1400 bottles were produced and the wine is sold on allocation only in a set of three bottles.

For more information on acquiring an allocation of Catalina, send an email to