Talking about making and collecting at Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2019

Cape Town Art Fair

Art professionals and enthusiasts will gather for stimulating discussions at the upcoming Investec Cape Town Art Fair, from 15 -17 February 2019. The Investec Cape Town Art Fair Talks Programme brings leading art advisors, curators, collectors, critics and artists into dialogue, giving all Fair ticket-holders access to their expertise. For this edition of the Fair, the programme will cover a number of topics which are of great relevance in understanding the current state of the global and regional contemporary art world.

The Talks Programme will take place at Westin Grand Hotel, directly adjacent to the Investec Cape Town Art Fair venue at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.
According to Investec Cape Town Art Fair Curator Tumelo Mosaka, discussions between featured artists and galleries will introduce ideas related to building value through art as well as understanding the curatorial role within the cultural field.

The mix will balance artistic and academic perspectives along with those from commercial and non-commercial institutions supportive of emerging artists.

Panels will feature esteemed academics and curators from diverse localities to unpack various topics including: The art of Collecting, Curating in the 21st century, Creative Hubs, Art in the digital age, Value beyond the canvas and Artists in dialogue.

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2019 will again provide a safe space for daring collectors to venture into new territories.

The panel Curating in the 21st Century will be a meeting point for leading lights of the southern and northern hemispheres.

The session titled Creative Hubs moderated by Cape Town-based independent curator Zayd Minty will engage with the difficult question of public space in cities of uneven development and consumption.

Producing art in the digital age is the upcoming big theme with the Investec Cape Town Art Fair SOLO platform dedicated to new technologies and new consumption models.

The rights of artists will be debated in the session Value Beyond the Canvas, hosted by the Johannesburg-based Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organization (DALRO).

Furthermore, talks will also wrestle with issues of representation, form and function.

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