Supreme Furniture Manufacturers: Even the Joneses need to up there game

Supreme Furniture Manufacturers

Keeping up with our overseas neighbours as the world gets closer is not as easy as it looks, with inspiration overload from Pinterest and your pinboard overflowing with great ideas.
The reality sinks in as you breath out, your dreams remain a dream as you know it is not available in South Africa and if it is, the price tag is out of reach based on our current exchange rate.

As South Africa has grown in the decor and design field over the years, owning our own unique flair for creativity and a way of life that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world is earning us recognition as a design capital by our neighbours. This is definitely something positive to focus on, the demand for designer furniture has increased and so has the rise in local production with an expectation for quality furniture which in turn is sustaining growth in our beautiful country.

Tucked away in Stellenbosch, an industry secret that will take your breath away, a family owned and run business focused on bespoke furniture manufacturer, celebrating their thirtieth year in business. Supreme Furniture Manufacturers, a business that has spent three decades honing their skills to produce supreme furniture that can match international quality and standards. A company at its prime, big enough to take on large or small projects and small enough to give every piece of furniture personal attention, a company that has so much to offer when it comes to turn key solutions, a local one stop shop.
With a skill set across the board it is now time to turn your pinboard dreams into a reality.

At Supreme Furniture Manufacturers you can expect nothing short of the best when it comes to custom furniture, frame making, upholstery, cabinetry, steel fabrication, solid wood furniture and even hand carved masterpieces. With a 1500 sqm showroom located in Stellenbosch and a 3400sqm production plant, one can only wonder why you have not heard of them before. Open to the public the industry secret is now out, even the Joneses need to up there game.

Supreme Furniture Manufacturers, so much more than upholstery.

For more information visit the Showroom at Supreme Upholstery, 1 Rand Road, Plankenburg, Stellenbosch. Contact 021 887 2756 or visit

Article by: Richard Meershoek