Stop shopping at bottle stores, says FindWine South Africa

FindWine South Africa

It’s 2018. There’s WiFi everywhere. We don’t call, we WhatsApp. We don’t do meetings, we Skype. If we can buy it on Takealot, we’ll shop online. But when it comes to buying great wine, we’re still heading to the bottle store. And that needs to stop, says FindWine South Africa.

“FindWine was created to help make shopping for wine more enjoyable,” says FindWine South Africa founder Lucien Rawden. “Too often we’re stuck at the bottle store staring at labels, wondering what’s good and debating prices. Why waste your time when we’ve done all that for you?”

FindWine is a new online wine service that takes the pain out of finding and buying award-winning wine in South Africa. Its sleek desktop and mobile design makes it easy to search for wine by price and connects you to online merchants who deliver to your door.

FindWine works much like search sites used for finding well-priced flights – except its focus is on wine. All of the bottles listed on FindWine South Africa are award-winning vintages. Each wine comes with a list of available retailers and prices, so you can select the price that suits your budget best.

FindWine also applies a handy smart rating to each wine that helps make sense of all those gold stickers you see on great bottles. Calculated using a unique algorithm, the smart ratings rank wines based on the awards given by local and international bodies like Platter’s and Decanter.

All of the bottles listed on FindWine are available in South Africa, so you never find a great wine at a great price that’s out of stock. With red, white, bubbly, rosé and dessert wine available with price comparisons, FindWine South Africa caters to everyone’s taste and budget. So there really is no excuse to spend your time at the bottle store.

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