Stettyn Family Vineyards: A warm welcome awaits

Stettyn Family Vineyards lies in splendid isolation between Villiersdorp and Rawsonville on the R43. This quiet road wends its way through majestic mountains but as you near Villiersdorp you’ll spot the rolling vineyards stretching out and away before you spot the cellar and tasting room up on the left, perched on a low rise. A beautiful avenue of roses leads you up to the tasting centre where wines and other treats await.

The cellar is owned and run by the Botha and Griessel families who have lived there for generations. Unpretentious but passionate, the extended family works together to create wines of significance that reflect the soils which have produced them, and the simple pleasure they derive from working side by side.

The tasting centre is a warm and inviting place where the friendly staff are always ready to present the Stettyn range of wines. On Saturdays you’ll find one of the family on duty but during the week stalwarts Annelien and Seila will regale you with stories of the place while you taste the wines and enjoy a carefully assembled platter of local cheeses, pickles and preserves.

So try ‘the road less travelled’ and make the detour past Stettyn. Whether on your way to the coast, or travelling over the Franschhoek or Du Toitskloof passes, Stettyn offers a welcome break on your journey. You can enjoy a pitstop and stock up on great value wines for the holidays.

Make the most of your trip….

Everyone deserves a jar of love – The fresh and sunny tasting centre at Stettyn Family Vineyards is not only stocked with wine and friendly faces, but jars of delicious jams, marmalades and chutneys also line the shelves. These are made by a very special lady, who was born and brought up on the farm, but who has also taken care of many households there.

Sarie loves to cook so a few years ago she started making large quantities of condiments to sell to visitors at the tasting centre. Perhaps her sweet chilli jam and her onion marmalade are the most popular but passers-by have been known to stop specifically for a jar of her apricot jam.

Whatever your preference, a jar from Sarie is guaranteed to be delicious because it is filled with her love and generous spirit.

Stone Range

The hewn stones of Stettyn record the passage of time and of life that have passed along this ancient thoroughfare creating landscapes and soils that produce grapes expressing this multi-faceted heritage, simply and succinctly.

Stettyn Family Vineyards

Wine of Origin Stettyn belongs uniquely to Stettyn Family Vineyards, set apart and far from other cellars, it is the landmark intersection in the Cape Winelands between ‘fynbos’ and Karoo; urban and rural; heritage and progress.

Eight generations have worked together on this land to create wines of significance, simply and unaffectedly but with passion and commitment.
The Guardian

Centuries ago early settlers established an outpost in a far-flung corner of the colony, naming it Stettyn after their home town in Poland.

Today the gracious old homesteads and gnarled oak trees stand as testimony to the generations that have toiled there; while the rocky outcrops and gushing streams speak of nature’s contribution to create this idyllic place. The wines reflect a sufficiency and complexity that is at once honest and alluring.

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