SSISA Education Hub provides online platform for short courses


Launched recently, the Sport Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA)’s Education Hub provides a digital platform for its high quality short courses – making them accessible to people all over South Africa and even globally. For over two decades the SSISA has led the way in providing sport, fitness and wellness information and services to both health professionals and the general public, but predominantly via workshops and courses. Using the online platform is an exciting development and allows for a much greater reach and facilitates effective distribution of educational material, provided by top experts, to consumers.

The Education Hub, which encompasses the educational platform and Learner Management System – is housed on SSISA’s website. First in the line-up of courses on offer, are “Training Essentials and Programme Design for Endurance Running” and “Periodisation and testing for football conditioning. Aimed at coaches, teachers, trainers, parents and sport enthusiasts keen to improve their knowledge – these courses will ensure learners have a positive learning experience and are equipped with cutting edge information,” says Justin Durandt who has spear-headed the development of the Education hub.

What makes the courses so special is the level of interactivity in the courses themselves. The courses use presentations with dynamic graphics and voice overs, videos and screencasts to ensure that the content is engaging for the learner. In addition each learner will receive practical tools which will enable them to use the skills they have learnt once the course is finished.

An example of this is our running course where the learners will receive 9 training programme templates. Learners can access the content at any time and there are no requirements to finish modules in a specific amount of time. Hot on the heels of these courses – will be a range of others in the sporting and fitness arena.

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