Slow Food and Wine Festival

Robertson Slow Food and Wine Festival

Head out to the country and enjoy the simple pleasures in life at the Robertson Wine Valley’s eleventh annual Slow Food & Wine Festival in partnership with WESGRO, taking place from 4-6 August 2017. Discover the beautiful Robertson Wine Valley situated on the scenic Route 62 and explore a wealth of history and authentic wine experiences.

Experience the charm of country life in an intimate setting characterised by each farm’s unique personal touch. Walk under the stars, taste local cuisine and sip delicious wines from the valley. Expect slowly made and slowly enjoyed offerings at this year’s event.

Sample honest, old-fashioned and rural hospitality, while enjoying time-honored activities; interact with wine-makers and wine-farmers in an informal ambience, getting to know them and their respective families. Wine enthusiasts will get the unique opportunity to engage directly with winemakers in interactive wine tastings.

Experience the intricate winemaking process and discover the story behind the bottle. Enjoy country hospitality at its best and indulge in homemade and traditional cuisines, using local ingredients. Farm style breakfasts, fresh produce and family recipe dishes. Savour mouth-watering food and wine pairings from citrus, fudge and truffle delights to boerewors, artisanal pastries and handcrafted cheeses.

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