Skills training initiative by G&D Training and Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

G&D Training Company provided a one year learnership to enhance the qualifications of two staff members of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. Damon Arendse and Angelica Phillips were awarded the opportunity to build their career profiles in Professional Cookery level 4 and Linda Tshaka successfully completed the Accommodation Services Level 2.

The company has been a leading skills training service provider for over fourteen years. In 2013, they further expanded their business profile by offering their first learnership and has since offered first-rate learnerships to leading hotels and renowned companies and has become a preferred service for learnerships.

G&D Training always extended a helping hand to South Africa’s disadvantaged communities by uplifting them through offering skills training. In the community they follow a precise skills development programme. The foundation of a student’s training commences with Assistant Chef Level 2, which is followed by Professional Cookery level 4 and may even lead to a learnership at a company or hotel.

G&D Training uses their partnerships with hotels and companies to link community members to learnership and career development opportunities. Passionate students who wish to further their studies can enrol in the QCTO Occupational Chef level 5 Diploma.


G&D Training aims to give students a new perspective through learnerships, by preparing them for the realities of the hospitality industry. Students receive in-house practical training accompanied with strong theoretical knowledge in their field of study. Learnerships therefore not only enhance students’ skill levels, but also effectively prepares them for the workplace and accompanying challenges. They are therefore making a significant difference within work environments by successfully developing staff members’ skills.

The learnerships presented by G&D Training additionally affords a wonderful advancement opportunity for many people starting out in the fields of tourism and hospitality and has thus far been privileged to offer learnerships at the Mount Nelson Hotel, Vineyard Hotel, Feedem and most recently the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel.


The Johannes family worked in the field of tourism and hospitality since 1998. In 2000 the family repositioned into the field of skills training and developed G&D Training. The company started providing skills training in the field of hospitality for the Department of Labour. They have since contributed to skills development within underprivileged communities in our country.


G&D Training’s accreditations have expanded to include up to 30 full/part-time qualifications. Many of these programmes can be used as a stepping stone towards a specialised career path. As a private service provider they play a vital role in imparting years of practical experience to their students, and this is what makes their training unique. G&D Training is proud to have experienced and knowledgeable assessors and moderators with whom they entrust their students.  The company is home to excellent culinary leaders such as Chef Lucian, Chef Owen and Chef Mark.

The company’s excellent Chefs combine their years of practical experience and expert theoretical understanding to provide high-quality training. G&D’s experienced staff and love for their industries are part and parcel of what makes them incomparable.
G&D Training is overjoyed to play a pivotal role within the South African society by forming superior students who are workplace ready. Over a period of fourteen years they have trained around 10 000 students in various disciplines.

G&D Training has been accredited by Cathsseta to offer the following programmes: National Certificate: Professional Cookery; National Certificate: Fast Food Services; National Certificate: Food and Beverage Services; National Certificate: Accommodation Services; Further Education and Training Certificate: Hospitality Reception; Customer Service Programme; Customer Service Programme; Assistant Chef; Bar Attendant; Cook – Convenience Foods; Cook-Fast Foods; Drink Service Assistant; Food Service Assistant; Kitchen Cleaner; Table Attendant; Conservation General Assistant; Senior Field Ranger; Field Ranger Law Enforcement (Unarmed); Cultural Site Guide; Nature Site Guide; Assistant Housekeeper; Fitness Instructor; Volunteer Safety Monitor; Sport and Recreation Leader; Event Support Assistant: Generic; Assistant Lifeguard; Coaching Athletics For Youth And Junior Athletes.

“We are a company with heart, and has always placed our desire to assist our communities above profits.”

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