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Simply Bee Natural Beeswax Products is a family business, situated in the remote town of Hopefield, 140km’s from Cape Town – in the heart of the famous West Coast Fynbos area. It is not only Simply Bee’s mission to cultivate awareness of the health benefits of natural pure honey and beeswax products, but also to support bee conservation.

Simply BeeHistory dates back to 1954 when Derick Hugo received his first beehive and became a passionate hobbyist beekeeper. When he retired in 1994, he and his wife Marie returned to Hopefield and transformed their hobby into a business.

Today Derick Hugo’s first gloves, smoker and beehive displayed in the Bee Observation Centre is a reminder of the foundation he laid for Pierre and Helena van der Westhuizen who continued the family legacy of bee keeping since 2008. Pierre took over the beekeeping, while Helena, being allergic to most cosmetics with synthetic ingredients and harsh preservatives engaged in the research, trials and studying of the bees and their products.

Their dedicated interest led to the beginning of Simply Bee, a range of natural, organic products for both the body and home. Helena believes that natural ingredients must come from a renewable and plentiful resource found in nature, yet with absolutely no petroleum compounds.

Simply Bee

Equally important is how those ingredients are processed. Helena controls the manufacturing of Simply Bee products. Any processing, including distillation, condensation, extraction, steaming, and hydrolysis are kept to a minimum. Her goal is to maximise purity without negative effects on the ingredients, and to keep natural ingredients natural. This ensures full retention of their beneficial properties. Simply Bee is very fortunate to have their bee hives in Fynbos areas around Hopefield with no commercial farming within the immediate vicinity. Therefore, their honey, beeswax and propolis are all 100% organic.
Health benefits of Propolis Most powerful natural Antibiotic.

Helena spend years researching the properties of Propolis, the most effective and natural antibiotic that has no side effects. Propolis can be defined as the resinous material gathered by honeybees from tree bark and leaves. Combined with the nectar from plants the honeybees use it as disinfectant as well as to waterproof their hives.

Propolis contains a variety of pharmacological and biological properties, including the likes of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory elements. Numerous substances in Propolis have been identified which belong to the flavonoid family including organic acids, vitamin and mineral content. Propolis has been used in the past internally to combat Gastrointestinal Infections, Bacterial and Fungal, Sore Throats, Colds, Malaria, Cancer, HIV, Peptic Ulcers, Ulcers in the Mouth, Ulcerative Colitis, Parasitic, Tuberculosis, and Candidacies.

At Simply Bee Helena only use the propolis harvested from their own bee hives to create the following 3 natural products:

Simply Bee

Propolis Serum – This richly repairing micro-emulsified serum contains a high concentration Propolis and combined with Neroli, calms, heals, and truly enriches your skin.
Anti-bacterial and decongesting, this formulation alleviates micro-circulation problems and strengthens fragile skin. Propolis has been proved to be beneficial to human skin and is considered as luxurious, and with regard to the skin propolis promotes new cell growth and prevents skin aging and age spots.

Propolis Liquid – Traditionally, Propolis is used as an antibiotic as well as a stimulant of the immune system, reducing the occurrence and severity of colds, flu and throat infections. Propolis increase resistance to infection and is widely recognized as a preventative supplement and also limits the growth of Protozoa and therefore an effective treatment for some intestinal parasites.

Propolis Balm – Simply Bee Propolis Balm can be used to repair sore and weak skin, prevent infections, heal open wounds and diminish acne. Positive feedback has been received from customers on applying Propolis balm to leg ulcers, shingles, warts and boils.
Other Simply Bee Products – Simply Bee’s product range offers all natural handmade products, making it safe as well as environmentally friendly. The product range include Hand & Body Products, a Facial Skin care range, Baby Products, Men’s products, Hair products, Soaps & Candles, Medicinal ointments and Balms, Polishes and Gift Pack combinations.

Simply Bee

Simply Bee also offers 100% pure Fynbos Honey, collected from a protected Fynbos area far away from any commercial farming, thus ensuring no exposure to pesticides and a high quality of medicinal value in the honey. Honey is available in a variety of volumes. Simply Bee started off with only 5 products in the range and today, due to public demand, it has expanded to an over 50 product-range.

Conservation and Observation Centre

As creators and owners of Simply Bee the Van der Westhuizen’s mission is not only to cultivate awareness on the benefits of using natural beeswax products, but also to aid in bee conservation as bees are their passion. In conjunction with their show room at Simply Bee, they have recently opened a Simply Bee Observation Centre adjacent to the shop in Hopefield. Simply Bee Observation Centre boasts with the West Coast’s first glass bee-observation hives with two live bee colonies. The hives have glass panels which offer a safe opportunity to view a bee colony in their natural environment.

The Observation Centre presents an informative, educational and interactive way of learning all there is to know about the incredible life-cycle of honey bees and therefore offer special educational packages for groups. Bookings are essential to ensure a full educational experience and demonstration.

As much as the bee has an important role in ensuring the survival of humanity, even so is humanity responsible in securing the Bee’s survival. Honeybees are the pollinators of every third mouthful of food consumed.

Ignoring the importance of a functional ecosystem with reference to the Bee, over a 100 different crops worldwide may be affected. According to statistics, bee populations around the world have plummeted by a staggering 30% globally over the last 30 years.

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Simply Bee’s products received exceptional ratings at this year’s Free from Skin Care awards in the UK. The Propolis serum was a finalist with the Heal Balm and Anti-Ageing cream as nominees in the coveted Natural and Organic Awards in the UK for the best Natural Beauty & Spa Product.

Simply Bee has 413 stockists in South Africa and also exports to Zimbabwe, Namibia, England, USA, Mauritius, Réunion Island, and Netherlands

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