SFD Corp – The link between business, government, and legislation

It’s not easy to ignore the long list of legislative obligations a business must adhere to. One woman is bent on changing and creating a sustainable business-government network by acting as the link between it all. This is the vision of Amanda van der Merwe, Managing Director of SFD Corp.

Van der Merwe spent many years at Eskom as a Microsoft Professional observing the disconnection that existed between businesses and government, and the side-effects it had on businesses of any size. When the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment legislative framework was first introduced, Amanda realised that things are about to become vastly more complicated.

“I quickly realized that as with almost all legislation, the information around the implementation and interpretation of the BEE framework was shrouded with manipulation, it did not sit right with me. Information and knowledge are free, and it is what you do with it that really matters,” says Van der Merwe. Van Der Merwe could see no benefit to businesses and government operating in a climate of constant frustration and she decided to create an entity that links businesses to government and facilitate these relationships. She started SDF Corp. to embody this link and to apply information and knowledge to everyone’s advantage.

In 2019 SDF Corp. will be celebrating its 20 years anniversary as the link between businesses, government, and legislation. SDF Corp. grew over the years to aid Western Cape and Gauteng businesses in complying with legislation around BEE, Skills Development, and Training. Van der Merwe’s passion still lies with helping people, and SDF Corp. provides her the best opportunity to do this every day.

“Helping people has always been my passion. Through SDF Corp. I can achieve my goal, ensuring that companies fully benefit from relevant legislations as well as doing business with us,” says Van der Merwe. Van der Merwe explains her model for the success of SDF Corp: “Our specialist advisors ensure that businesses navigate Skills Development in a way that is beneficial to the business and its people and communities. We manage the training budgets, recruiting, and hosting for Learnerships and bursaries in partnership with colleges, universities and accredited training providers. The reason we stick to this approach is because it works – we don’t want to create more frustration or leave businesses with having to do more work,” she says.

“SDF Corp. is a 51% Black Women Owned Level 2 EME. Our approach is holistically adding maximum value to Preferential Procurement, Enterprise and Supplier Development, and Social Economic Development,” Amanda concludes.

For more information on our services and commitment to service excellence, visit www.sdfcorp.co.za