Regular Medical Checkups

Going to the doctor for a medical check-up, is something people avoid, unless something is wrong. It can be helpful to find out your present health condition, to make the necessary changes before small problems become bigger issues.

Regular medical check-ups and tests can help detect problems before they start. By getting the right medical attention, screenings and treatments, you are taking steps providing a longer and healthier life. Your age, health and family history, lifestyle choices (eating habits, physical activity, smoking), and other important factors impact what form of healthcare you need, and how often you need to visit your doctor.

Some people expect to have a yearly check-up, others feel that a check-up once every two to three years is sufficient. How often you should have a medical check-up also depends on your age, your health condition, and your medical aid coverage. Most medical aids will cover a medical check-up every few years for young adults, and more often as people get older.

A regular medical check-up should include a medical history of previous surgeries, a physical examination followed by diagnostic and laboratory tests. Besides these tests, the doctor conducting the check-up may recommend additional medical tests to confirm the presence or absence of a health condition. No sense of urgency, live too busy lives, no medical aid, denial of aches and pains are often reasons people don’t have regular medical check-ups.

“Prevention is better than cure”