Pomegranate – Restaurant of The Month

Pomegranate Restaurant situated on the Vergenoegd Wine Estate presents its patrons the flair of fine dining in casual style. It’s enjoying lunch in the ambiance of the historical 1773 Manor House surrounded by beautiful views of the winemaking Estate, mountains and vineyards which takes any visitor back to the days of yesteryear.

Pomegranate is Michael Israel’s trademark on Fine Dining with a difference. He has been in the trade for many years and 2014 is the 20th anniversary of Pomegranate Restaurant. Not only is Michael the Executive Owner Chef, but also the Sommelier. All dishes are finely paired with a wine that blends in with the choice of dish.

The Newspaper was privileged to share in the taste of dishes prepared with the best ingredients. The menu is simple, but the fusion flavours speaks another language.

The Gemsbok Carpaccio cured with rock salt, juniper berry, cumin seed and lemon zest, rocket leaves and finished with drunken pecorino cheese, mustard and red wine vinaigrette is a “must” on the Starter list. On the other hand, the Tomato Tart is to die for. This delicious homemade puff pastry is topped with pitted and skinned tomato, a little butter and cream, oven baked and garnished with fresh basil and chives freshly picked from the garden. The Runner Duck White wine is perfectly paired with the tart.

The Duck Leg and Breast Confit, is well cooked and served with a crispy finish, dressed with a pomegranate white wine jus and paired with Vergenoegd Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. The Eland Fillet, a Superior meat as a game choice is Char grilled, finished in the oven, dressed with a chocolate chilli red wine jus and garnished with coppa.

If you fancy South East Asian dishes, the Warm Seafood Salad and Vegetarian dish will be the right choice.

The Chocolate Pancakes was the dish of the day!  Imagine a slab of dark chocolate wrapped in a home-made chocolate crepe then flamed in port and coffee, dressed with the rich dark sauce from the pan and finished with ice cream! Delicious!

A perfect afternoon came to an end in the presence of a wonderful host with a sip of the Vin De Constance, a natural sweet wine made by Klein Constantia, said to be the finest natural sweet wine in the world.

The Newspaper highly recommends Pomegranate Restaurant as Restaurant of the Month – the best in Fine Dining with a difference.

Pomegranate Restaurant is only open for Lunch from 12h00 to 17h00 and are closed on Mondays.

For more information contact Michael at (021) 843 3347.