Pet Cottages – A Kennel with a difference!


“I have tried various kennels for my animals over the years and never been all that happy to leave them there. In fact, I have sometimes been miserable at the thought of it. I have been disappointed at all the facilities I tried. Either the infrastructure was unappealing or I didn’t like the staff that were going to be doing the day to day handling and cleaning. Surely someone must know! I phoned PETPort, national and international pet transporters, who immediately told me that they had found ‘Pet Cottages’ and they now house all their dogs awaiting onward transport, and highly recommended them.”

“A 25-minute drive finishing along the tree lined R304 and then 200m of well gravelled road, and I was confronted by an oasis of evergreen trees and grass.”

“When I arrived Truus was playing with a pair of long term boarding dogs (3 months) in the exercise area; she returned them to their ‘cottage-kennels’, and then showed me around. Really nice! Large runs, clean and well maintained with trees providing shade over the individual kennels which were big and spacious. Clement (the dog superintendent) was there and it was clear that he had a good feeling and understanding of his charges.”
“Altogether Impressive!! I was sold.”Dog Owner

Nic and Truus de Waal have set up a boarding kennel establishment at Pet Cottages that seeks to make your dog actually enjoy his stay in a “cottage-kennel,” and eventually leave in as good a condition – physically as well as in temperament – as when he arrived.


Environment – Comfort, space and security for the dogs are their priority. The pictures tell the story. Each kennel has a large, sunny open area with a cottage to sleep and keep warm. There is shade from trees for each kennel. Large communal grassed and sand (which the dogs enjoy as though at the beach) areas in the middle and edges of all the kennels provide lots of space for dogs let out three times a day to exercise.

This is the space in which they run and get love and attention from Truus and the staff. Goats, peacocks and other poultry wander close to the fences and provide the dogs with lots of excitement and interest. Boredom and loneliness is not an option at Pet Cottages.

Food – The dogs are fed vet quality food with a high percentage of protein. They never leave thinner than when they arrived (unless over-fat through lack of exercise at home, in which case it’s a healthy weight loss). Truus does her best to make the nervous ones eat, by adding on her chicken or other gravy. She throws away more uneaten food than she cares to.

Emergency – A veterinarian is available 24/7, but should any dog need the vet’s attention, the owners are contacted first to discuss the situation.

Hygiene is a very important factor to Truus. The kennels are high pressure hosed every day and the best disinfectants are used. Bedding is washed regularly and dogs that need it get brushed too, not just for cosmetic purposes, but for the well-being of the animal.

The rule of house is that all dogs have to be fully vaccinated and treated for ticks and fleas before admission.
Exercise and play are an important part of a dog’s stay at Pet Cottages. They are let out, sometimes in groups of similar age, size and temperament.

Updates – Owners are sent regular photographs of their dogs and reports on how they are doing.
Any pets, excluding the likes of snakes and lizards, which are outside their sphere of knowledge, are welcome. Birds, rabbits, rats etc. have all been owned by them at some stage, so they are familiar with their needs and more importantly enjoy them.

Pet Cottages has established a reputation as a kennel with a difference and is now used by PETPort ( who are national and International pet transporters, for kennelling dogs awaiting onward transport.

Pet Cottages is located on an 8ha smallholding in the Philadelphia/Klein Dassenberg area of the Western Cape, 40km from the V&A Waterfront and 40km from Durbanville.

For more information contact Truus on [email protected]  or cell: 0824457051 or visit their website