Patio Warehouse – Enjoy the ART of Lounge

“At Patio Warehouse we travel the world to bring you the widest selection of quality imported and locally manufactured patio furniture and accessories. Our extensive ranges offer you durability, functionality and importantly comfort.

The line between our living rooms and our patio is disappearing. Styles traditionally associated with indoor environments are now finding their way on to our patios and gardens.

Imagine lounging on your patio in fully upholstered furniture. The comfort, the relaxation….
Traditionally if you don’t have a covered patio, you are considering patio or garden furniture that can withstand all weather conditions. So, the first thing that goes – is comfort. And obviously the second is beauty. You think to yourself that fully upholstered patio furniture wouldn’t work and that the furniture would spoil within a month.

Our premium range of outdoor furniture is designed with specifically that in mind. The furniture is upholstered with fabric that is suitable for outdoor usage throughout the whole year. Creativity is what drives the idea to reinvent patio and garden furniture as we know it. The results of that process are unique products and outdoor furniture that seem to be a modern form of art.

The furniture is not designed to be waterproof, but it lets water through as quickly as possible. By using breathable materials, we ensure a constant air circulation inside our furniture. This makes it possible, that after heavy rain the furniture can dry completely after 30 minutes.

The materials used in the fully upholstered furniture makes it unique. Only Sunbrella fabrics are used, and the benefits are:

– UV Resistant
– Water and Stain Resistant
– Breathable
– Mold Resistant

The foam is reticulated polyurethane foam with extra open cells which permits maximum water drainage and air circulation. We like to call it quick dry foam. So – if I haven’t convinced you that our fully upholstered patio furniture range is the answer to your patio, then you will never enjoy the ART of lounge.

After almost 15 years of providing the best quality outdoor furniture in Africa – Patio Warehouse endeavours to maintain a high level of professionalism and excellence in every dealing undertaken – be it the supply of products or clientele relations. Patio Warehouse brings a touch of class to outdoor living.

Please feel free to visit our online showroom and see the beauty of our outdoor furniture!”

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