Ouma Swesie se Spens: Garlic your friend, not your enemy!

Garlic, an amazing vegetable became the backbone of Ouma Swesie se Spens. Garlic as a delicatessen is locally-grown, pickled, handpicked, hand packed, with no added preservatives and suitable for Deli distribution.

Ouma Swesie se Spens, based in Darling in the Western Cape, was established in 2014. Louise Viljoen’s passion for food, came from her mother who, being in the catering industry, shared many memorable moments with her during her childhood. “The idea of the Garlic products was created around a weekend with my children who are also involved in the food industry, and after some research in the market, we decided to give it a go, after sending our raw garlic to the local market for a couple of years,” Louise said.

Louise Viljoen’s greatest desire is to create delicious products, beautiful in display, which not only brings joy and flavour forth in its taste, but rather, captures the health benefits it presents. The uniqueness of Ouma Swesie se Spens Garlic products is the combination of its ingredients which blend together and becomes a unique product to enjoy, not to mention that its packaging is designed in such manner that it could even be presented as a special gift to family and friends.

Did you know that through the process of pickling, the “harshness” and “breath” of the raw garlic has been eliminated, which makes it almost taste like a pickled onion. One of the most unique benefits of Ouma Swesie’s garlic products is that most of the products have a shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacturing. After the product has been opened it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

The user of these products will re-discover their love for cooking with Ouma Swesie se Spens Garlic products when preparing a pasta dish, a roast, leg of lamb, pizza, roasted veggies, and salads, not to mention having these products displayed on a cheese or tapas platter.

The Products

Louise aims to breathe life into food with her infused garlic range of products which can be used in all forms of cooking, be it a snack in giving customers the best out of every bite, or even sharing these amazing products with other food and garlic lovers.

Cooking: Garlic & Herbs, Garlic & Sundried Tomatoes, Garlic / Olives & Sundried Tomatoes, Oak Smoked Garlic Bulbs.

Snack: Garlic Snack, Garlic Sweet Cherry Peppers, Garlic Mild Chilli, Garlic Hot Chilli, Garlic Stuffed Sweet Cherry Peppers and Tangy Jalapeno Mustard.

Oak Smoked Garlic is fresh raw garlic that has been smoked with oak wood for a period of time. Delicious to cook with in homemade pastas, oven roast chicken, vegetables, pork and many more.

New to the South African market is the Black garlic.

Black garlic is raw white garlic which is exposed to a process of fermentation with a set temperature, while the humidity is controlled – a process conducted within a set period of time. During the fermentation process the garlic has turned black, maintaining its natural sugar levels, while no preservatives nor any additives have been added. A study has revealed that Black Garlic is rich in amino acids and provides double the number of antioxidants than that of White Garlic. Black garlic has a balsamic, molasses taste, and a chewy liquorice texture, and through the process the pigment smell of white garlic is removed leaving it free from odours.

GarliCrush is available in GarliCrush and Herbs, GarliCrush and Sundried Tomatoes and GaliCrush Olive and Sundried Tomatoes. It can be used as a snack with cheese, crackers, tapas, biltong, deli meat products, sausage, on a steak, pizza, as a rub on meat and even in preparing various dishes.

Did you know that these garlic products are available throughout the year, ready to use, leaving no mess, no fuss, no need to peel, shop, neither having smelling hands – just delicious flavours.

A clove of garlic a day keeps the doctor away – these health benefits are underpinning high cholesterol, poor digestion, low energy, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, breast cancer, colon cancer, Leukemia, and chronic infections. It assists in boosting the immune system, increasing absorption of iron and zinc, not to mention that it is high in antioxidants, and many more.

Why delay, come and experience the wonder of Garlic, a product of Ouma Swesie se Spens.

For more information contact 083 505 9982, email: or visit www.oumaswesiesespens.weebly.com