Nom Nom – New Eatery in Somerset West Now Open

Nom Nom Eatery

Nom Nom, a new eatery located in the town of Somerset West opened its doors to the public on 29 January 2018. The restaurant, open 6 days week, offers customers a calm and relaxed space to enjoy every moment. Nom Nom has something for everyone from brunch, lunch, dinner and a variety of freshly baked goods.

The previous fine dining restaurant, known as Benguela On Main, underwent a rebranding to create a new, everyday eatery. Nom Nom is now open to the public and will be serving strong, freshly brewed coffee, daily baked sweet treats, signature cocktails and wines. A modern menu and new space is what the residents of Somerset West can expect from Nom Nom, a key aspect for the restaurant is rebranding into a space that is more accessible and comfortable for everyone and anyone. Nom Nom will have a wine bar serving Benguela Cove wines, and a variety of plates with snacks making it perfect for after work socialising and company meetings.

Executive Chef of Nom Nom, Sebastian Smith says: “I am proud to head up the Nom Nom team, there is so much on offer in the new space. The menu is designed to offer everything for anyone with a sweet tooth, a health kick, coffee craving or comfort food feeling. The classic, Knickerbocker glory is one dessert that must be tried out at Nom Nom, it has decadent toppings like fudge, fresh strawberries and chocolate – this is one of the many memorable items on the menu”.

Visitors can expect a calm and relaxing atmosphere at Nom Nom, Chef Sebastian has put a lot of thought into the design of the new menu concept. It will comprise of six different categories including; Brunch, Nibbles, Bread, Light, Hungry and Sweets. Chef Sebastian holds exceptional pastry skills as well as modern classic competence which will be showcased in the new menu allowing guests to create their own experience and craft their own meal.
Stop by at Nom Nom and explore the various offerings under one roof, the restaurant will continue to locally source ingredients from surrounding areas as this is what set Benguela On Main apart from other restaurants. Even though Nom Nom is now the new eatery, the philosophy and need for fresh, local and seasonal ingredients will still play a major role in the cuisine.

Owner of Nom Nom and Entrepreneur, Penny Streeter OBE says: “Revamping Benguela on Main to Nom Nom has been a great experience for the team and myself. The eatery will be open from 10am for brunch with tasty pastries paired perfectly with a great cup of coffee or tea. The aim of opening Nom Nom is to create a space that will be open from early until late for residents of Somerset West. We will have free Wi-Fi for the people that want to get away from the desk and work in a different environment.”