Mediclinic Supports Eye Care PPI Initiative


Mediclinic is proud to be partnering with Groote Schuur Hospital and the Western Cape Department of Health in performing eight cataract surgeries at Mediclinic Milnerton as the start of a process aimed at alleviating the ophthalmic surgical waiting lists at public facilities in the province. Mediclinic welcomes the opportunity to assist with improving the lives of these patients and are positive that collaborative initiatives such as this will serve to promote shared expertise between the private and public healthcare sectors.

The procedures undertaken at Mediclinic Milnerton form part of a significant investment in collaborative Tier 1 CSI initiatives, where Mediclinic will be collaborating with the public sector on more than 110 operations on patients currently awaiting life-changing procedures. Operations include cataract, urology and tympanoplasty (otherwise known as eardrum repair procedures). Between September and December, the PPI procedures will be carried out at four Mediclinic hospitals in the Western Cape, either by doctors associated with Mediclinic or from the public sector.

The first phase of this initiative is concentrated in the Western Cape, but Mediclinic is currently in discussions to pursue similar partnerships in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Free State in the near future. It is hoped that this will allow us to draw alongside additional hospitals to understand their needs and to share capacity where possible.

Koert Pretorius, CEO of Mediclinic Southern Africa stresses that all role players in the healthcare value chain need to work together to expand access to quality healthcare for all South Africans. “It is imperative for all players in healthcare to play their part, private and public alike.

A severe shortage of doctors and nurses in the country hampers healthcare delivery in both the private and public sector and through our involvement in Public Private Initiatives we have the opportunity to add value beyond our traditional patient base,” says Pretorius. “As an industry leader in the private hospital sector, we welcome the opportunity to make a positive contribution through this collaboration. Mediclinic and others with relevant expertise want to be part of a process where the best dispensation can be found for South Africa without compromise on affordable and sustainable quality healthcare,” states Pretorius.

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