Matis Skin analyzer helps you understand your skins language

Matis skin analysing

Your skincare needs change constantly. This is why being on the same product year in and year out is never a good thing. Have you ever wondered what is happening, beneath the visible layer of your skin? The Matis skin analysing device helps you understand your skin’s “language”.

The device takes a picture of the surface of the skin but also uses a UV filter to reveal what is underneath the surface of the skin. This device takes an in-depth look at the skin; 30 times deeper than what is possible to be seen with the naked eye. The health of your skin is then measured by the device, by looking at 8 key indicators. The measurements of these indicators are then compared to a database of people of the same ethnic and age group.
Within 5 minutes you have a tailored skin diagnosis, which will help you to correct and repair your skin in order to reveal its natural balanced beauty. The Matis product range is extensive and caters for all skin types. We know you are going to love this!

Get in contact with our Matis experts to help with advising the right products and break down the data collected from the specialised device. We are offering a full consultation with the skin scanner PLUS a mini facial for only R300. When purchasing (2 or more) Matis products your skin analysis and mini facial are free.

About Makarios Boutique Spa

A ‘love affair’ with an international beauty house. Is that possible? Beauty expert Elize Strauss says, “YES!”

It began with a detached admiration. Elize Strauss was 18 years old when introduced to the product range as a beauty salon receptionist. She observed. Then she started using the products on her face and body. She saw the same results she had seen on the clients. The ‘love affair’ with Matis had begun.

Generational Beauty Products

A ‘love affair’ she passed on to her teenage daughter and her 3-year old. Matis has been on the market for generations; Elize is sure her grandchildren and their children will use Matis too.

Since the first Matis laboratories in 1936, Matis has kept up with skin science and research. In 2016 as a leader in the professional beauty industry, Matis celebrated 80 years of success.

Matis beauty expert Product Knowledge and Therapist Training

Elize began her studies at Sonette Beauty Institute. Introduced to the ‘science and senses’ philosophy of Matis, her love deepened the more she learned about the products. Two years later and armed with an International Cidesco diploma, a national diploma from South African Institute of Health and Beauty Therapists and a course in business administration, Elize was ready to evangelise the beauty world.

She didn’t even notice the long hours she worked at International Health and Beauty Clinics. Because for Elize it wasn’t work. She was exercising her passion daily. Her enthusiasm and knowledge were contagious. She was promoted to branch manager where she gained business experience.

Variety of Beauty Brands Experience

Married in 1997, she started working at a small salon. Her boss and mentor soon noticed her potential. She trusted Elize with running the salon and to experiment with different beauty brands, national and international. Did she stay loyal to Matis? Or did other products tempt her to cross over.

Matis won with no exception. Her loyalty and love for the wide range of personalised products deepened. Even during her personal trials and difficult circumstances, she could always rely on the stability of Matis results and long lasting effect.

For more information Call Elize 082 88 444 98 or email: [email protected]