Maskam Water Manufactures 1st Fusion Waste Treatment Plant in SA

Maskam Water, a Western Cape based company assembled the first Clarus Fusion Waste Water Treatment plant, imported from the United States of America (USA) on South African soil in May this year.

After years of negotiating, planning and strategizing to solve sanitations problems, Maskam Water now offers customers turn-key water solutions, to resolve tomorrow’s water shortages today. The word ‘Maskam” means, “Give me Water”, a Koi San expression identifying the highest tip of the Matzikama Mountains in Namaqualand.


It all started in 2009 when one of Gerhard Cronje’s irrigation customers asked him to obtain an on-site sewage treatment plant.  In the same year, the US commercial service contacted Gerhard to import and distribute Zoeller pumps from the USA.
What started out as a customer looking for a sewage treatment plant, and the US commercial service looking for a South African distributor for Zoeller Pump Company, was the beginning of a new challenge for Gerhard Cronje, and Maskam Water was founded in 2010.

After the first Clarus Fusion Treatment Plant was imported and installed in Franschhoek, Gerhard realized the potential of the system and in 2011 Maskam Water was appointed sole distributor for Zoeller and ever since been the sole importer for all five divisions to Sub-Sahara Africa. Maskam Water have sold more than 120 Clarus Fusions Treatment Plants  in 8 countries and Zoeller pumps were sold in even more countries on the African Continent.

Since then Maskam Water set up a factory in Brackenfell to manufacture these Clarus Fusion Treatment plants, producing the first local manufactured Clarus Fusion Waste Water Treatment plant outside the USA in South Africa.

Launch of the Clarus Fusion Waste Treatment Plant

tnp12162The official launch of the Clarus Fusion took place at Maskam Water in Brackenfell on 24 October 2016 with the U.S. Consulate General in Cape Town, Teddy Taylor and Alan Winde, Provincial Minister of Ecconomic Opportunities as honoured guests. Billy Walker represented Zoeller International, while Dr Kraai Van Niekerk (former minister of Agriculture) and Conrad Sidego (former mayor of Stellenbosch Municipality), were amongst distinguished guests celebrating the opening of the new plant.

“The manufacturing of the Clarus Fusion Treatment Plant in South Africa has been at the expense of hard work, dedication and two countries joining expertise to solve problems and offer opportunities to communities, companies and government.  Maskam Water and Zoeller entered into a joint venture to manufacture the Clarus Fusion in South Africa, thereby ushering in a wide range of benefits, reduced lead time and cost savings. All this played a significant role in deciding to manufacture these Fusion Treatment Plants on South-African soil,” says Gerhard Cronje, founder of Maskam Water.

“I am honoured and very excited to be a part of this historic manufacturing joint venture (JV) between Zoeller Inc. and Maskam Water.  My commercial section and I have had the privilege of working with both of these companies previously.”

“I am aware of the great strides that they have made together and wish them continued success in the years to come,” says US Consulate General, Teddy Taylor.
The partnership between the Western Cape company and Kentucky-based business, Zoeller, is just one of many examples of how South African and U.S. companies are working together to innovate and grow their business.

In his speech, Minster Winde emphasized the importance of South African partners working together creating more local jobs in the Western Cape. He also mentioned that Moody’s published a report stating that South Africa, but particularly the Western Cape, has the fastest growing Green Economy in the world. Sixty percent of the companies are based in the Western Cape with 70 percent in the manufacturing industry.

“I think the water issue is really important to The Western Cape and the Country. When considering the last 3 years of drought, the sustainability of water to our towns is becoming more and more of a problem.  We need to be recycling and re-using as much water as possible, as well as recycle the grey and black water out of the system for re-use,” Minister Winde added.

The Greenest way of treating waste water

In the present climate water tnp12163treatment has become a great concern, therefore, the Fusion treatment plant in itself, based its development on world class technology and is by far the greenest way of treating waste water.  Power consumption starts from as little as 60 watts (1 – 20 people) to 340 watts (per 100 people).
It is the absolute answer to waste water treatment – low energy, low maintenance, small footprint, underground, easily be incorporated in the architecture of the building or even be installed in the garden.

It can treat waste water for re-use from as little as R1.88 per kl. Through the implementation of the Clarus Fusion Treatment Plant, and seen from a health perspective, the water is healthier, and from an environment point of view there is no further pollution of water associated with chemicals. Therefore, treated water can now safely be used in the garden and no water is wasted.

A further advantage of the Clarus Fusion Treatment Plant is that it is able to reduce pollution by offering the solution to extend the availability of water up to three times its normal usage. This is achieved by directing purified water into the building, treating the waste water from the building, and re-using the same water on the washbay, before treating it the third time for irrigation purposes.
Maskam has been working together with the Western Cape Government and Green Cape for many years to provide dignified sanitation to all communities, regardless of income or status.  With this technology, they can facilitate from a prestige development to informal settlements and rural communities where treated water can be re-used to the benefit of the community.

Fusion works equally well in urban and non-urban applications, and treated water can be used for irrigation or other non-potable applications, thus saving water.  With the current drought in the country this technology offers life-saving alternatives.

Recently Nedbank has agreed to offer financing on the Clarus Fusions Treatment Plant, thus making it more affordable for everyone in the country.

You can now change your septic tank or conservancy tank over to a treatment plant without it costing you an arm and a leg and at the same time stop the pollution of our natural resources.

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