Lion Cubs Relocated to Buffelsdrift As Part of A Volunteer Project

3 Lions Buffelsdrift Game Lodge

Dr Rudie and Marlice Van Vuuren the well-known conservationists from N/a’an ku sê in Namibia are inundated with requests from South Africa for assistance with orphaned and animals in captivity, especially carnivores. Seeing that it is illegal to move carnivores across the border from SA to Namibia, they decided on Buffelsdrift Game Lodge in South Africa to assist them in saving animals and to help contribute towards protecting those animals that are free roaming in especially SA and Namibia.

According to the authorities Cape Nature, there are not many farms large enough for Lion to be free roaming in the Western Cape and are always looking for better homes for lion cubs when born in captivity.

The first project of Dr Rudie and Marlice was therefore to move 3 Lion cubs that were born in a small enclosure on another Western Cape Farm to a large 5ha home at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge in Oudtshoorn.

Due to the fact that they were born in captivity, they can never be released back into the wild as they will probably be killed by other Lion.

These Lions will not be seen when clients are on a game drive. There will be no interaction like lion walking, lion patting, vehicles into their enclosure and many more.

The only activity will be the feeding activity, exactly as it is done at N/a’an ku sê. Once a day the clients accompany the Game Ranger on an educational when he/she goes to feed the lions.

The Game Ranger explains the whole concept of conservation, facts about lion in general, why these lion are in captivity and what we have already done towards saving other animals. At this early stage we have already donated the elephant collar (thousands of rands) to save the free roaming elephants in the Mingetti region of Namibia.

The three Lions are also going to form part of a volunteer project where volunteers from across the world that have an interest in conservation, will get a chance to be part of this project.