Learn to run 21.1km with OptiFit – managing stress and great fitness!


OptiFit – Have you longed to be a half-marathon runner but have convinced yourself that you will never succeed? Think again! Our human physiology and indomitable spirits show that with training – most of us can run. The trick is to progress gradually – allowing your body to adapt to the process.

OptiFit, which runs in association with the Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA), will be hosting an 8 weeks to 21.1km programme for runners who can comfortably run 10km.  Recent research, conducted by UCT’s Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine on OptiFit’s 10km programme, found it to be extremely safe and scientific with members reaching their goal with no muscle damage or pain.

The course includes three sessions a week where you are trained by caring sports scientists or biokineticists – who are themselves runners.  During these sessions – we will help you master the skills and gain confidence to run a half-marathon. SSISA also provide you with useful tips about running gear, groups to train with and stunning events on the calendar. They do basic health and fitness assessments at the start and end of the course and the entire group participates in their official target race the Old Mutual Two Oceans 21.1km on 31 March 2018. The course starts late January 2018.

You need to be healthy and uninjured with no major health risk factors to sign up. On joining the programme, you will attend a workshop and have a basic health screening, receive a starter-pack, get discounts on gear and get some guest passes to train at the SSISA’s Wellness and Fitness Centre, where you also get preferential rates. There are limited spots available, so sign up now!

What better way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, whilst de-stressing, getting fitter, meeting new friends and achieving a special goal.

For more information visit www.ssisa.com

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