At 9am on 23 October, KAMERS/MAKERS will open the gates on their first show of 2020, after what has been a brutal year for SA’s artisan makers, with many barely surviving.

It is also exactly a year ago, under these same ancient oaks, that thousands of us stopped shopping to roar our underdog Boks to victory.

As Spring lifts our spirits, SA has once again shown the world what we can do together, this time against a far greater foe. And now it’s time to rebuild.


So please join us… to celebrate the rebirth of our maker economy… to share in the knowledge that each beautifully crafted product you buy creates a job, preserves a skill, feeds a family. For we can, none of us, afford to lose the invention, inspiration & simple joy that these makers add to all our lives.”


“KAMERS/Makers was compelled to re-invent ourselves during lockdown – our first 3 shows of 2020 being cancelled, times became terribly hard for us.

Our focus was all about finding way for our community of over 400 Makers to earn some income until our event platforms could operate once again – hence our revamping of our online store and subsequent moving into empty retail spaces in shopping hubs with our KM SPACEs concept.

We are deeply grateful for the fantastic support from shoppers – meaning that these initiatives have literally been able to save businesses, jobs and livelihoods. And meaning also that, as we slowly push back the scourge of Covid-19, our Makers are still able to produce the wonderfully eclectic creativity to stock their shelves at our live events once again!

Stellenbosch will host our first ‘comeback show’ – once again in the stunning surrounds of Blaauwklippen Wine Estate. We will be showcasing over 150 Makers – many of whom will be brand new… so still the coolest stuff you’ve never seen!”