Jump start fitness with a Personal Trainer!

You’ve joined a health club and are working out but perhaps you’re daunted by all the equipment and not sure how to use it correctly? Or you are stuck in the same old routine and need to turn the training up a notch.  That’s when finding a personal trainer to navigate the course with you, can be invaluable. By helping you to set goals and achieve them, a personal trainer can add value to your membership.

Whether it’s just for one session or several you can expect a change in your work out pattern, a more exciting approach to exercise and a motivation to keep it all up!

There are countless benefits to working out with a personal trainer, but here are just five compelling reasons:

Faster, better results – Through their knowledge of fitness, nutrition and health, a personal trainer will be able to assess your needs and determine what exercise routines will be best for your body and your age group.

“A fitness programme is tailored to the individual so concentrates on areas of the body that need work but also usually combines cardio, strength training as well as stretch and tone,” says Sid Cameron a personal trainer with Virgin Active.

The motivation to move it  -.If you have multiple goals then they will help you find the right balance to achieve them and keep you motivated.

A safer bet – You will be taught the proper techniques for working out to stay safe and injury free.  Trainers will work to prevent injuries in everyday life by helping increase your balance, flexibility and core strength.

Exercise habits of highly successful people – Working out with a personal trainer will help you develop a routine that is realistic, different and makes it fun to overcome obstacles.

A hotline to new trends, better health! – It is hard to push through and stay motivated when you hit a plateau in your exercise programme. A personal trainer will find ways to work through this by mixing the routine up to see results.

“We all need a little help from time to time and everyone can benefit from working with a trainer,” says Cameron.  “It’s about investing in your own health and well-being. There is an overwhelming amount of information available on fitness and health which can be really confusing.  It is our job to stay on top of health trends and we use our education, knowledge and experience to provide tips and tricks to help you develop a healthier lifestyle.”

Personal trainers have your best interests at heart, they care about your success and during a training session their focus is just on you.  They will support you through the process, without judgement, but rather with encouragement and will help you see your successes, big and small.

If you want to get more active but really don’t know where to start, the recommendation is to team up with a personal trainer who suits your personality and your goals.

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Photo: Personal Trainer, Sid Cammeron, making sure his client is using the equipment correctly to avoid injury and maximize results.