Johan van Heerden – Driving force behind Madiba1 Ferry


Johan van Heerden, entrepreneur and business man is the driving force behind the conceptualization of numerous development strategies across various fields, and the man behind Madiba1.

Nine years down the line the CEO and founder of the company called Meltt  is realizing his dream of running the Robben Island ferry route. “Having been held back by competitors, the beautiful Madiba1 is heading the runs as the best and only registered, completely safe and technically compliant ferry vessel in Cape waters.”

Meltt specialises in managing tenders that demand that they are on top of all of the latest innovations in the above spheres, and this drives them to deliver the best and latest in these areas. The first project of this magnitude was the High Speed Ferry, the Madiba1.Madiba1

The Madiba1 is licensed to carry 200 passengers, and falls under both the Tourism and Transport spheres of interest. Built to extremely high safety specifications, Madiba1 features a wave piercing catamaran hull, making her extremely well balanced with superior stability. She does not bob up and down on waves as many other vessels do, which causes sea sickness!

With foam-filled hulls, Madiba1 has superior buoyancy. Life rafts capable of carrying 245 passengers as well as 250 life jackets means that at  the full capacity of 200 passengers and 13 crew, the Madiba1 can carry all passengers to safety should this be required.

With its three navigation systems exact navigation is possible in any sort of weather. The seating areas are contained within water tight compartments and – whilst at sea – no water can enter into the vessel at any stage.

Usually loosely bundled with general places of interest and tourism attraction, heritage sites and destinations mostly do not receive the elevated recognition as heritage destinations they deserve.

Meltt (Pty) Ltd endeavours to highlight South Africa’s diverse heritage inheritance starting with tours to Robben Island aboard the ferry Madiba1.

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