Innovation For The Blind Launches Coffee Range In Shoprite Checkers Stores

Innovation For The Blind

Innovation for the Blind, previously known as the Institute for the Blind, recently launched their brand new coffee packaging, now available at your nearest Checkers or Shoprite store in the Western Cape. Packed by the visually impaired, the Blindiana range is a collaboration with Beans for Africa, known for their commitment to coffee excellence.

Your alarm goes off. You sleepily roll over to hit the snooze button. You press it again until you absolutely have to get up, then you drag yourself to the kitchen for your first cuppa coffee. After a short while, you feel invigorated and ready to take on the world. This cycle repeats by late morning, and again later in the day.

Now you can do it all for a good cause!

The range (250g) includes the Blindiana Beans, a dark roast which is full bodied with a bitter sweet balanced taste; the Blindiana Filter, a medium to dark filter roast with a full well-rounded taste; Blue Mountain, a medium to mild blend with a smooth, spicy, rich citrus flavour; and Mocha Java, a medium filter roast full-bodied sweet breakfast coffee.

You can also support this organisation by visiting their Blindiana Barista Coffee Shop and Venue Centre at their premises in Worcester, where you will meet Joseph Matheatau, South Africa’s first blind barista.

Innovation for the Blind has been catering to the all-inclusive needs of visually impaired persons, including those with additional disabilities, since 1881. They still provide care, therapy, as well as skill and vocational development to the visually impaired in a protective environment, thereby enabling them to lead fulfilling lives amongst friends.

There’s no denying it – caffeine really helps when it comes to getting you moving and functional. Innovation for the Blind’s idea of good coffee is simple: carefully selected high-grade beans, combined with disciplined procedures and a practical take on roasting and brewing.

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