How can members save with their Medical Scheme choice for 2016 ?


Medical Schemes offer paybacks and discounts to members that live a healthy active lifestyle. Discovery launched Vitality Active Rewards where members can achieve weekly goals and receive weekly rewards. From well known brands such as Kauai or Vida e Caffé, you can enjoy these reward benefits each week by completing goals that are set out for you.

Free Gym Membership

Adult members will have access to Virgin Active and Planet Fitness where they can save up to 100% off monthly gym fees based on the number of active rewards goals they achieve.

Free Local Flights

Fly with or British Airways at no cost by achieving goals.

Tracking your progress

Members will receive an Apple watch to track their daily achievements. Should a member achieve their goal, they will receive the watch for free or members will pay a monthly fee if they have not achieved any goals for the month.

Medical Scheme Outlook for 2016

Discovery Medical Scheme enhanced their benefit offerings by adding new options with an contributions increase of 8,6% for 2016 on average, maintaining a competitive discount of 14.8% to the market.

Vision & Mission

In 1992 Managed Group Benefits (MGB) journey started, with a single vision, to provide individual clients or employer groups, with the best guidance in choosing the right product for you or your employees.
MGB owes its existence to a team of passionate business men who tirelessly worked to establish a sound financial platform to help the individual or employer group, choosing the right product for your needs. This choice can be made from a wide range of health, life or short term insurance products.

MGB is constantly evolving and expanding to bring a host of financial services to its clients. MGB is an employee and individual benefits consultancy, focusing on adding value through tailoring products according to the client’s needs and expectations.

To receive more information on medical schemes and benefits offered, please contact Managed Group Benefits and one of their financial advisers will assist you with making the right choice for 2016.

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