A Healthy Business and a Healthy You

Healthy Business

The month of May really starts to split the really committed fitness fundies from the rest. Early mornings are now dark and a little chilly. The weather seems to be a great motivator to hit the snooze button instead of getting up and getting active.

At the back of our minds we still remember the articles last year saying a beach body is built in the winter, but … December is really far away and it’s just so much easier to lie in a little longer. Remaining fit and healthy now, really starts to test our discipline and it’s here where we start to split the men from the boys (or the formidable women from the girls).

Your business is no different. It too goes through seasons. To ensure the fruits of your labour, you now need to push through the darker times. Business was never supposed to be easy and despite the fact that we love the fantasy of entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, we often forget the ‘25 year overnight success’ it took to get them there.

So what lessons can we learn from health and fitness that we can use in our business as well?

Create a new high performance business fitness plan for your business with these easy steps:

Set a specific business goal, Derive a detailed training / implementation plan, Allocate regular and uninterrupted time for training and practise, Focus on beating your personal bests and celebrating the small incremental changes, Commit the goal to daily action and stick with it until achieved, Seek out like minded individuals to engage with regularly, and Get a coach to push you and ensure you succeed.

Pretty simple process when setting the goal for your health and fitness. You already have the skills. Now just apply the same to your business.

Always remember that your business is your chosen vehicle to serve you, your goals and dreams as well as those of your family.

It is however also the same vehicle that must produce time and money to allow you do reach those. Get it fitter and healthier today.

For more information visit www.businesshealthcheck.co.za for a quick assessment on your business’s current health.

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