Health benefits of outdoor wellness

One of the best ways to improve your physical, mental, social and intellectual wellness is to go outdoors.

Scientific reports have shown that athletes are more advantaged when receiving fresh air, sun, and increased oxygen flow within the blood while training outdoors.

Is nature the answer?

In recent time nature is widely used as an element of therapy for patients suffering from physical and mental health problems. Being outside makes people feel more active, energetic, relaxed, positive and revitalized.

Outdoor activities create the desire to be outside, enjoy the natural surroundings, discover many of nature’s wonders and return to the beauty that nature provides. A large number of outdoor activities may be performed individually, with friends and family, or as a team.

Mother Nature has great health benefits to offer, whether it is exercising, walking, jogging, running, yoga, cycling, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, surfing, swimming or many sport activities. Activities can also include spending more time in natural settings like parks, a walk on the beach, camping, a picnic, enjoying a sunset, sitting on a river bank, viewing the beauty of a waterfall, bird watching or taking photos of interesting places, people or wildlife.

Outdoor activity offers many benefits in physical, mental, social and intellectual wellness.


Outdoor exercise and physical activity gives meaning to your life, something to enjoy and creates a sense of purpose. Regular outdoor activity provides a number of physical health benefits: reduce blood pressure, arthritis pain, heart disease and risk of chronic diseases. It improves the immune system, better sleeping patterns, creating a healthier appetite.


Consistent physical activity reduce and relief stress, anxiety and depression. Spending time exercising leads to an increase in positive moods and a reduction in cortisol levels, a hormone released when the body feels stress.

Improves quality of life – Better self-esteem and confidence often results from consistent recreation and a feeling of wellness occurs. Positive lifestyle choices contribute to individuals’ feelings of having control over their life and of success and are more motivated to achieve.


The great outdoors offer social benefits as interacting with people who share the same interests and who enjoy in participating outdoors. Participating in sport and other leisure activities creates an opportunity to meet new friends, build meaningful relationships and share feelings of loyalty, trust and goodwill.


Natural surroundings rejuvenate the mind, improve your attitude, your concentration and increase your positivity and productivity. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly experience more peaceful sleep, this results in more energy and attentiveness during the next day, providing improved concentration levels.


Leisure activities based in natural environments increase the importance of improving and sustaining the world’s natural resources.


Outdoor recreation has an important role to play in economical growth. It can serve as a method for promoting tourism. Travellers enjoy participating in a wide range of outdoor leisure activities, from bushwalking, mountain biking, picnicking and many more. It creates job opportunities, motivate and support employees to take part in outdoor office programs, encourages individuals to become active and fit, reduce the risks of illness and can provide inexpensive and accessible leisure activities available to all, reducing the rate of crime.

Get your daily dose of the outdoors to help stay in perfect health.