Chameleon Aesthetic & Laser – Hair Removal The Easy Way


Why put up with the nuisance and pain of shaving or waxing your unwanted hair if you can have it removed pain-free and hassle-free by laser. No more shaving bumps, redness or ingrown hair.

Chameleon Aesthetic & Laser, based in The Sanctuary Shopping Centre in Somerset West, offer the very latest technology in laser hair removal with their world-renowned, award winning Alma Sprano Ice diode laser (Not IPL). The Soprano Ice won the World best laser hair removal platform for two consecutive years for 2015 & 2016, and offers breakthrough client comfort, procedure speed and consistent efficiency and results. The exceptional procedure speed makes it possible to have your 1/2 leg including your knees done in your lunchtime, taking a mere 20 minutes, for both legs.

Virtually pain-free permanent hair reduction is achieved with In-Motion technology with no burning, dermal damage, downtime or pigmentation. This laser is efficient on all skin types and all hair colour with the exception of grey hair.

The laser shoots a beam of highly concentrated light into the hair follicle and destroys it completely. The process is repeated in a number of sessions around 6 weeks apart, and will get rid of around 90% of your hair.
Chameleon offer a free consultation and provide prospective customers a complimentary test patch to make sure their skin does not react to the laser.

The prospect of never ever shaving or having ingrown hair again? Tell me you’re not smiling!

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