Have you been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar person

Do you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Bipolar and/or have you been diagnosed with it? Do you feel like you’re surviving on a slippery slope and exhausted from battling alone?

So many people had similar journeys. Two Bipolar Support Groups in Somerset West would love to extend a hand to assist you a safe space to help answer questions like:

  • Is there a cure for Bipolar?
  • What is the role of a Supporter?
  • Is it a nightmare that never ends?
  • What else can I do in addition to taking medication?
  • How do I face the challenges of life?
  • What are the symptoms in childhood and how early can they begin?

The groups offer safe, confidential and caring spaces for those with Bipolar and or their Supporters. Their meetings are free and you’ll meet amazing people with a wealth of knowledge and are on a similar pathway to yours – there is no need to struggle alone.

Contact either of the Facilitators below should you need further information:

Venues & Times

Morning group

Helderberg N.G Kerk, 82 Firmount Road, Somerset West

Next meeting: 10 – 11am on Thursday 18th June.

Facilitator: Julie Louw – 084 956 7820

Evening group

The Baptist Church, Louw Street, Somerset West

7 – 8pm on the first Thursday of each month

Next meeting:   2nd July 2015

Co-facilitator: Sue van der Spuy – 082 883 8227