FYI Candid Home Inspections to assist home buyers and sellers

Martin Barnard is the owner of FYI Candid Home Inspection Services. Martin has 10 years’ experience as business owner in the construction industry. He is qualified with SAHITA and InterNACHI as a Home inspector. Martin also has 22 years commercial business experience.
Home inspections assist both home buyers or sellers to identify and action latent and patent defects.

A non-invasive inspection allows for an unbiased, detailed assessment of the critical components of a home. Components such as, the roof structure, the roof cavity, gutters and downpipes, walls, foundations, floors, ceilings, bedrooms, geyser, bathrooms, kitchens, boundary walls and even the garage is inspected. Defects are photographed, classified, costed and presented in a detailed report within 24 – 48 hours after leaving the site. This gives the buyer confidence to negotiate a realistic price for the home – before signing the voetstoots clause in the sales contract.

A home inspection for the seller, allows an opportunity to correct defects before entering the home on the market. This builds trust with the potential buyer and enables the sales transaction.

Other services by FYI Candid Home Inspections includes, pre-occupation snagging list reports for new homes and “help me with my builder”.

A detailed snagging list is completed before the new owner signs off the “happy” list with the developer. This avoids the inconvenience of correcting the defects after the buyer has taken occupation.

“Help me with my builder” is aimed at homeowners who have undertaken new builds or additions, where the builder is not performing to the client’s expectations. Martin enables completion or correction of outstanding work.

This is done by consultation and mediation with the builder and client. With the aim of avoiding expensive and time-consuming litigation.

What our customers say about FYI Candid Home Inspection Services

“Post new build issues not being fixed, was the reason we called Martin in to inspect our home in Vermont. He is a professional and knowledgeable Inspector who shared his vast experience and put us on the road to getting our issues sorted out. He has gone beyond our expectations and remains interested in our success in getting the home we paid for. Martin is genuinely interested in helping us. Highly recommended by our experience”. Sandy from Vermont.

“My brand new home went under inspection from Martin by FYI this morning with a snaglist included. Such professionalism and so thorough. Thank you for your service – I will recommend everyone to use them. On time, clean, thorough check, very detailed with such perfectionism. THANK YOU,” Elana from Parklands.

FYI Candid Home Inspection Services operates in the greater Cape Town metropole, Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay, Paarl and the Overberg region.

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