Four course Cardhu Whisky Experience at Carne

Cardhu Whisky Experience

Experience the best of both worlds when Scottish mastery and Italian perfection converge to bring Capetonians the Cardhu Whisky Experience at Carne SA.

This 4-course journey of discovery into classic Italian food infused with fine Scottish malt whisky takes place during the entire month of April at Carne SA in Keerom Street, the heart of the city’s legal district.

Chef-Proprietor Giorgio Nava has created a fabulous menu at his flagship restaurant dedicated to meat, melding the glowing notes of golden honey and delicate fruity character of Cardhu whisky in every dish. The 12 year old Speyside single malt will be paired with each course, either neat or as a whisky cocktail.

At R650 per person for the entire 4-course meal including whisky pairings, guests can indulge in delicious pan fried calf livers as a starter, followed by classic penne al pomodoro with rich guanciale (pork cheeks), both prepared with a dash of Cardhu of course. For his main course, Chef Giorgio is serving a sirloin marinated in whisky for 24 hours and drizzled in a silky Cardhu jus. A delicious crème brûlée enriched with a Cardhu orange infusion rounds off the evening beautifully.

The Cardhu Whisky Experience at Carne SA starts on Monday, 2 April. Carne in Keerom Street is open for dinner every evening from Mondays to Saturdays. For bookings, call: 021-424 3460.

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