Forbes Young African Entrepreneurs – Alex Fourie


Alex Fourie, 27 year old founder of iFix is one of the South Africans that is included in Forbes Magazine’s list of top 10 most promising young African Entrepreneurs.

It all started in 2006 when Alex was a student at Stellenbosch University. His iPod broke and he was told that it could not be fixed, but as his iPod was the centre of his life then and as he’d listen to music on his way to class, he could not do so. However, this disappointment didn’t stop him from trying to fix it himself. He bought various parts online and fixed it by watching a YouTube video. His friend’s iPod also broke and he fixed it the same way.

After he repaired a few, he decided to place an advert in the Cape Ads. He had immediate response and received 15 – 20 phone calls a day of people that had the same problem. Soon thereafter he employed a friend that was studying engineering and they started doing repairs for people. iFix was born in 2007 after satisfied friends referred other dissatisfied Apple product owners in search of Apple repairs.

During an interview with FIN24 Alex stated: “We work closely with our overseas suppliers. We are an out of warranty replacement centre and act as a 3rd party and not affiliated to Apple”.

After six months iFix opened a small store in Cape Town and more full-time staff were hired. Today, 6 years later iFix repairs and services all Apple products, Samsung Smartphones and expanded into selling phone accessories. iFix currently operates 8 stores countrywide with its head office in Cape Town, and stores in Canal Walk and Stellenbosch, as well as regional branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

Alex’s Advice for potential entrepreneurs

“Do something for yourself, something you are passionate about. Anything you believe in and make sure you do it well. Don’t do something for money.”