Finding your strength post-partum

It’s no secret that finding time for yourself with a new baby can be quite a challenge, let alone having a cup of tea, or catching up on the latest episode of your favourite series.

Whether it’s going for a well-earned manicure, indulging in a back massage, or getting back into a fitness routine, women need to make time for themselves after having a baby.
Local health and fitness celebrity Lisa Raleigh has been training with Bodytec on and off for the past seven years and keeps coming back because she knows that it works.

“I am stiff after every session, no matter how fit I am, and I love that it’s so quick, convenient, and effective.” she says. Just one 20-minute session a week saves hours in the gym, allowing moms to get fit and strong while baby catches 40 winks after a feed or makes friends with the personal trainer – there goes the excuse of finding someone to watch the baby.”

“Used in conjunction with regular bodyweight exercises, electro muscle stimulation gives women the edge when building muscle. According to Raleigh, it is far more effective than simply lifting weights. “The (EMS) activates the muscle, while you’re doing a movement such as a lunge or squat, taking strength training to a whole new level.”

Women can improve their strength, endurance, muscle growth, speed, responsiveness, and overall physical wellbeing. They can also regain strength in their pelvic floor muscles and stabilise common muscular imbalances such as lower back pain – something that most moms are all too familiar with. Strength training also increases lean muscle mass, which speeds up metabolism and the body’s ability to burn fat.

Raleigh says she has Bodytec to thank for helping her get back into shape so quickly after giving birth, even whilst breastfeeding.

“We just focused on other key problem areas, such as my tummy, triceps, butt, and thighs.”

She recommends a weekly session to all her clients in addition to a healthy eating plan and regular cardiovascular activities.

New moms can begin EMS training 6-8 weeks after natural birth or 8-12 weeks after a C-section. Not only does regular exercise and creating time for oneself serve as an incredible stress reliever, but by becoming strong and fit, moms are quite literally empowered to handle whatever motherhood may throw their way.

Bodytec is South Africa’s leading Electro Muscle Stimulation training franchise offering a time-efficient strength workout in a contemporary environment using innovative technology in 40 studios nationwide. BODYTEC studios in the Western Cape include: Century City; City Bowl (Foreshore); Durbanville; Gardens; George; Newlands; Paarl; Sea Point; Steenberg; Stellenbosch and Tygervalley.

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