Experience the wonderful world of chocolate with a Winston & Julia Chocolates

Winston & Julia Chocolates

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt,” – Charles M. Schulz. Acclaimed South African artisanal chocolate company Winston & Julia recently launched its very own outlet at Agri-Park in Stellenbosch. Says owner Nini Jerman: “It’s a really beautiful setting based in an old farm house, which faces the Eerste Rivier.”

In addition to the shop – which sells an array of Winston & Julia chocolates and chocolate products, the space also incorporates a chocolate workshop in which visitors can experience relaxed, fun-filled classes where they can create their own chocolate treats. Says Nini: “We kick off the chocolate workshop by getting everyone to sample raw cocoa nibs as well try the different kinds of chocolate – from smooth milk chocolate to luxuriously rich, dark chocolate.

“After a quick demo, everyone then gets the opportunity to play with thick melted chocolate and get creative with different moulds as well as various toppings to decorate their own chocolate treats. This is followed by a chocolate fondue around which visitors can indulge in weird and wonderful pairings such as chocolate and fruit, chocolate and nuts or even chocolate and biltong!”

Those with a more discerning palate can also indulge in a fresh truffle making workshop and learn how to make tasty fresh cream truffles, piping, cutting and decorating a variety of chocolate truffles. Once sated, guests get to take home their chocolate creations to show off and share with friends and family.

For more information visit www.winstonandjulia.co.za