Experience the Seven Clan’s of the Rooibos Route

Modern tourists don’t want to see, these days they want to experience. Just what the Rooibos Route in die Cederberg offer the tourist.

With this in mind, Marietjie and Sanet, the Rooibos Tea House owners come up with the idea to create an unique experience for Rooibos lovers. With the Cederberg as backdrop and the only place in the world where Rooibos is cultivated – a Rooibos Route was long overdue.

The Rooibos Route website offer the tourist the tools to decide themself which direction they want to travel and to plan their trip to experience the most of the Rooibos industry.

You would be able to see and feel the tea plants in their natural state, learn about the harvesting and find out how this green plant becomes a tea and ends up in a bag.

We created a website with an interactive map that shows you where the specific company or farm is, what they have to offer, and how to get in touch with them. You create your own trip, deciding which of the seven categories you would like to experience: cultivation, history, activities, restaurant, tea house and accommodation.

With Clanwilliam, as the rooiboscapital you must experience this unique and healthy South African product first-hand. Tourists can visit the different points in their own time and at their own pace.

On Route you can visit/take part in: Production – with farm and factory visits, History – Museum and buildings, Restaurants – with foodpairing and rooibos dishes (cook and bake), Teahouse – taste, drink and buy more than 100 flavours/blends, Treats – buy cosmetic products and delicious rooibos products like bread, spreads, fudge, etc, Activities – hiking, cycling, 4×4, birdwatching, Accommodation – on a rooibosfarm, camping, self-catering or in town at a Guesthouse with warm Rooibos hospitality.

For more information visit www.rooibos-route.co.za