Dynamic dog adoption initiative – WOOF Project

WOOF Project

‘Privat Car SA part of the Privat Car Group is proud to announce their support to the WOOF Project – providing the dynamic dog adoption initiative with a new Model Mercedes Benz Van Vito Class to chauffeur shelter dogs is style!

WOOF project, an initiative of Oscars Arc, a NPO born to inspire dog adoption and transform the dismal adoption rates in the Western Cape desperately needed transport to get dogs out of existing shelters and to the mobile adoption unit that moves around inspiring locations within the Western Cape.

“Now they have the transport these dogs deserve,” says Joanne Lefson, Director of WOOF Project. “This exception sponsorship from Ronald Bussink, CEO and Founder of Privat Car and Patron Circle Member of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation means we can drive adoption rates upwards, even faster!”

The WOOF Project already has successfully found new homes for more than 280 shelter dogs in its first 19 weeks and also opens a down town dog adoption center in the @FRITS dog park in Cape Town on World Animal Day, 4 October.

“So many people tell us how much they love the project, but when someone like Mr Bussink actually puts their words into action and provides such an invaluable sponsorship that accelerates our mission, we are simply blown away and can save so many more lives.”

The project offers a ‘Name Your Price’ adoption fee and a lifetime satisfaction, guaranteed!

For more information visit www.oscarsarc.org 

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