Dr Kodes – Creating Contactless Interaction with customers

Dr Kodes

Dr Kodes is a startup that aims to assist local businesses in going digital and moving online. Dr Kodes specialises in designing QR codes that creates contactless interaction with customers. These codes have endless amounts of uses and can be designed with a company logo included. Dr Kodes also provides a range of services that can help businesses create an online presence. These services includes, but is not limited to, creating websites, e-commerce stores, using google analytics to help businesses better understand their client base, and many more.

Dr Kodes’s main aim is to assist businesses in the hospitality industry by helping them create a safer and more hygienic environment for guests and staff at an affordable price. It aims to do this by finding innovative ways to incorporate technology in the daily operations of a business. Dr Kodes can also create QR codes for individuals that wants to use QR codes on gifts wrapping for personalised messages, in home messages, or anything else they can think of.

For more information contact 076 672 3036 or email [email protected]