Darling sweet Launches Caramel Range

Darling Sweet

Darling Sweet, one of South Africa’s premier toffee manufacturers recently celebrated its fourth anniversary and, to mark the occasion, owners Hentie van der Merwe and Frits van Ryneveld, have launched a range of Soft Caramels to sit alongside and compliment their ever burgeoning Toffee collection.

“With the launch of these caramels it almost feels like we are celebrating the birth of our second child. Over the last four years we worked hard to get a footprint for our toffees in the confectionery market, so we felt the time was right to venture into a second line of confectionery. The soft caramels are a logical extension to our toffees, seeing as both involve the slow caramelization of butter and sugar, although very different in texture,” says van der Merwe.

“With toffee, it’s only after some time that it starts to release its flavours, while a caramel, with its soft velvety chewiness, is much more eager to please, igniting the taste buds almost immediately. One can almost say that caramels are the yin to our toffee’s yang,” Van der Merwe continues.

Darling Sweets Soft Caramels are available in five fabulous flavours: Salted Caramels, Summer Berry, Ginger & Cardamom, Chocolate & Orange and Salted Liquorice. Like with the toffees, all the ranges are certified Kosher and Halaal.

Van der Merwe is also quick to point out that they have spent as much time and energy on the packaging for their new product as they did on developing the recipe and different flavours, finally coming up with a stunning design and eco-friendly packaging courtesy of their in-house designer Zanie Wilsdorf.

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