What is the difference between a day hospital and a larger hospital?

Advanced Health, who owns and manages 10 facilities in South Africa are often asked this question. Bibi Goss-Ross, Executive Manager of the group and Director of the Day Hospital Association of South Africa (DHA) says:

“To a patient, there is no difference besides the fact that a day-hospital does not offer an overnight stay.  You are operated on the same day and return home.  The biggest difference will be the price  reflected in ward fee and in the per minute theatre fee.  With a lean and productive management team and no specialised units or kitchen facilities on site, a day hospital is able to provide the same service at a more cost-effective rate.   According to recent statistics, only 10 – 14% of day cases are performed at a day hospital and the rest is conducted at a larger hospital, indicating the growth potential for day hospitals.”

State-of-art equipment and instrumentation

Day hospitals are equipped with the same, if not more advanced technology.

Modern equipment include: c-arm units (x-ray machines) in the theatres, camera stacks, links to the radiology department, spacious theatres, instrumentation to the specialist’s requirement and a professional nursing component attending to a specialist’s every aspect during the short stay at Advanced Vergelegen.

Can any doctor operate at a Day hospital?

A specialist attending to his overnight patients and performing major surgeries at a larger hospital in the area, is also able to undertake procedures at a day hospital.  The concept of a day hospital is still new in South Africa, but because technology evolved over the last few years, day hospitals are now able to cater for most disciplines of surgery.

All specialists are free to make use of a day hospital. We often find doctors informing patients that a day hospital is not equipped to deal with an emergency, or operate on a specific discipline, which is not true. All these aspects are diligently taken care of.

More important to any surgeon is that the same theatre and ward staff will form part of the support staff. At Advanced Vergelegen we work with a minimum of agency staff and are focussed on ”back to basics” in nursing care.

In a day hospital environment, the surgeon is aware that the patient must be discharged on the same day.  The anaesthetists-group in the Vergelegen area work with Advanced Health to improve the surgical process of the patient and to manage the pain post operatively.

Advanced Vergelegen works with like-minded specialists including orthopaedic surgeons, urologists, general surgeons, dentists, maxillo-facial surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, gynaecologists and ENT surgeons.

Latest addition of Surgeons Dr Liana Roodt

Dr Liana Roodt, specialised breast-surgeon whose journey of patient care directed her to Advanced Vergelegen.  Dr Liana has been interviewed by various journalists regarding her involvement in Project Flamingo. She recently featured in a local TV series, “In jou skoene,’’ where Karlien van Jaarsveld ‘’walked’’ with Liana at Groote Schuur Hospital for a 24-hour period to raise breast cancer awareness.  Liana will conduct a private practice from October 2017 from the premises of Vergelegen Healthcare Centre, Summerhill Drive, Somerset West.

Patient convenience

There is no reason why you should have to stay overnight for a short procedure.   Advanced understands that Hospitalisation is never a pleasant experience. The discomfort and fear of the waiting times are not something experienced in a day hospital.  The convenience of a day hospital is something that Advanced Vergelegen is proud to have perfected.  There are no lengthy waiting times at admission, and the time before going into theatre are more controlled, as the hospital only provides short-stay surgery.  Doctors are not delayed due to long case surgery.  Theatre time is planned, and Advanced Vergelegen can proudly state that the booked theatre time of a patient is 99% accurate without delays.

If you are a patient, you can choose to be admitted to a day hospital if your surgery is a day procedure.   Spending time with a patient during this short stay procedure enables Advanced Vergelegen’s staff to provide detail attention to the patient, to walk the extra mile, which depicts the day hospital with the difference.

There are no fixed closing times for Advanced Vergelegen. We leave the premises when our last patient is ready to return home after surgery.

All need to be part of the solution to curb healthcare costs

Although your medical aid will most probably reimburse the same procedure in a day hospital as in a larger hospital, the cost when comparing the two facilities are significant. The annual double digit increase in medical aid premiums will be as a result of not supporting the cost-effective healthcare services provided.

Discovery, Medscheme, GEMS, Polmed, Bestmed all support the concept of a day hospital.  Advanced Health supports the Competition Commissioner currently investigating private healthcare costs. 

Advanced Vergelegen believes that every doctor as well as every patient should be linked to a day hospital to ensure that medical aid premiums do not increase with double digits.

You can contact the hospital if you need a supporting specialist. Advanced Vergelegen is located off Sir Lowry’s road behind the Vergelegen Plein Checkers Centre in Somerset West.

Connect to a day hospital – connect to Advanced Vergelegen for a different healthcare experience!

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