Col’Cacchio – perfect Italian Hideaway in the heart of Stellenbosch


Tucked away in the heart of Stellenbosch you will find the perfect Italian hide away. As you approach the cobblestone courtyard entering into Col’Cacchio, you get an immediate sense of freedom as you step away from the ever so busy Plein Street.

The scent of fresh garlic being pealed and prepared by the staff makes your mouth water. When seeing how the freshest ingredients are being used in their food, there is no doubt that whatever comes out of the kitchen will be superb.

There are very few restaurants that have such a diverse menu and even cater for the dietary needs of Vegans, Vegetarians and those watching out for the carbs. Made with a spinach base, vegan cheese, broccoli, edamame, scattered spring onions and a drizzle of vegan basil oil, the Cosi Verde is said to be quite the Vegan wood fired pizza. My favorite would have to be the Ragu Di Manzo, slow-cooked, pulled beef short rib in red wine sauce served with your choice of pasta.

Col’Cacchios in Stellenbosch welcomed its new owner, Anne-Lize de Beer on 1 June 2018. It is quite noticeable that her passion and love for food, family and people has directed her to where she is today. We wish her success on her new journey and look forward to another tantalizing experience at this Italian hide away.

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