Clanwilliam Wild Flowershow – Frolic in the Flowers!

To all wildflower enthusiasts – Clanwilliam invites you to frolic in the flowers and view the `Blomkerk` displaying the annual Wild flower show from 23 August until 1 September 2019 with Harmony as this years theme.

The focus this year is the balance between agricultural expansion and conservation. The stark reality of climate change cannot be ignored. The Clanwilliam flower community is acutely aware of the responsibility to repair and conserve. “This is exactly why we should celebrate our natural wonder and never take it for granted.”

The flower show is a landscape creation by community volunteers displaying the largest Aloe to the smallest Cyanella alba. The specie room boasts 350 – 400 species for individual viewing. The colloquial names of these flowers provide an amusing dimension to the wild flower experience.

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