Chrisna’s Olives Meet High Standards

Many years ago, Chrisna Pepler had to take care of a few buckets of fermenting olives on behalf of her Israeli landlady. This became the stepping stone for Chrisna’s Olives, and today she produces a great variety of high end Olive products.

Over many years Chrisna developed her own recipes, going the natural way by using only local olives, cured with natural salt for 10 months, no preservatives and herbs from her own herb garden to create high quality olive products that is different from and superior to the olives available in any of the larger commercial stores.

Chrisna’s OlivesChrisna’s Olives produces a Signature Range, a Natural Range, a Stuffed Olive Range, and a big range of Pastes as well as olive rubs and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil,.
The Signature Range is by far the most popular and include marinated olives to the likes of Garlic and Herb Olives, Olive Medley, Spanish Green Olives, Chili Kalamata Olives, Smoked Olives, Mediterranean Olives, and Roasted Olives.

The Natural Range includes Kalamata, Mission, Nocellara, Manzanilla and Sevillano Olives, while the hand Stuffed Olive Range have natural stuffing such as cured lemon rind, pimentos, orange rind, elephant garlic, blue cheese, anchovies and the big mouthful; garlic stuffed olive inside Piquant Peppers.

Chrisna’s OlivesThe Range of Pastes consists of; Black Olive Tapenade (with anchovies, capers and garlic), Smoked Olive Paste (made with hickory smoked olives), Mediterranean Olive Paste (with olives, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and lots of fresh basil) Moroccan Olive Paste (with cumin and chilli, using the strong flavour of salt cured olives), and Green Olive Pesto (with almonds, lemon rind and rocket), all of which taste absolutely phenomenal as a snack on freshly baked bread.

No olive range can be complete without Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make the perfect salad dressing. Chrisna’s Olives

Today Chrisna’s Olives regularly attends high end farmer’s markets in and around Cape Town: (Oranjezicht Farmers Market), Stellenbosch; (Slow Food Market) and the Cape Winelands, where she sells her olives to many happy customers as well as excited newcomers. She also invites the public to her open plan production area and to the shop where one can taste all these wonderful olive products.

Chrisna’s OlivesChrisna Olives established an e-mail Shopping Opportunity, easy to order with goods delivered to your doorstep.

For more information contact Chrisna on 021 884 4787, 074 900 3226 or