Chevron Cape Town Five Star Head Office


Chevron Century Boulevard is a R200 million, 9000 square metre head office with a difference. It is a water-positive building, collecting more water than it consumes. Both rain water and air-conditioning condensate is harvested from the roof and balconies and stored in a tank below the basement, which is almost the size of an Olympic pool.

This amounts to a reduction in water consumption in the building by approximately 90%.
Chevron Century Boulevard is one of a handful of buildings in the area that has been awarded a Five-Star Green Star rating bestowed by the Green Building Council of South Africa for excellence in green building design, construction and management.

Chevron South Africa trades under the Caltex brand in the country. Occupied since 2014, the new Chevron South Africa headquarters has reduced its electricity consumption by roughly half.

Contributing to the reduction in electricity is the installation of a sophisticated lighting control, known as Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, which is energy efficient and permits control over each light individually.

The award winning Louis Karol Architects, who focused on using mostly locally sourced materials in the building, believes that design for detail permanence and creative re-usability are an important contribution to architectural sustainability, behaviour, which is so important considering South Africa’s water and energy needs.

In addition to the recognition for its environmentally friendly features, the developers also fetched an award for safety at the 2013 Master Builders’ Association for achieving a zero-injury status during the construction period of 450 days.

“Chevron South Africa has maintained a longstanding presence in the country dating back to 1911 and Chevron Century Boulevard is the modern symbol of our on-going contribution to the country and the economy of Cape Town.”

“This year, government has put more emphasis on improving the struggling economy, creating jobs, developing service delivery and making South Africa more energy secure.”